Gavin Yells For You 11-8-17

Wednesday, November 8th

There are just somethings that you are so angry about but can't express your anger, so we have Gavin yell for you!


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Enjoy yourself Gavin. It for a long avenue and 766. Lotto 65. Separate Gavin yells for you this is where we ask Gavin. Take a deep breath. And just let olives energy outs you have the problems yeah. Deals for you 7661065. Dollar does Charlotte Kelly good morning Kelly. Good morning hi Kelly you're angry your phone carrier why. And I'm glad and I found that iPod or your film and I TP helped write or all except my daughter on a prepaid plan with. But don't and it's really important and I try it unlocked the sun emit or sit here and it will not a lot of heat. You hate for that not even elite that are. I'm pretty match. Yeah you're leaving here or how Al works. Gamma dig here. Hello all cell phone carrier and duke I did it until. You know all that snow okay they had not. All. Anymore and he goes why is it every good and we don't go. OK fine I don't know I guess your right. And. Yeah yeah yeah. Oh yeah. Dude. I'm. And they are immigrants and college that the odd thousand my rules did not. More and got the ball it's. There have. And base Kelly emigre day hi Jessica good morning Jessica. In more rude Jessica's got a sloppy co worker right out my cash yeah. I give us a little bit of description how sloppy our date. Okay so hard that's ecstatic with papers and she completed a consequential and treated it teach you didn't. Well received or that can hurt our elders not stab her okay they're everywhere. He takes. Yeah it's action kick shootout and they hope for a although it's 635. All of their shoot I mean we he and here instead I. I don't know. I didn't I didn't grow and it. Just. And you want the star coming up this little boy aren't love and love yeah replied yeah it's a bit. No this eight year huge big and yeah you think. Why you hate politics and the real pleasure pleasure madly on your smell your. I and you talk to our and the talk on words because. The problem. Adolescent until it could sabotage your desk what. Your gonna happen I'm gonna get to grow old is coming. And they did what does the idea is that the quiet and download this every day that the war. Yeah. And parent he. And well I held on. I hope that it helps says can you feel better about Canada and in his day exhibit great show it's a great show. Augustine had the morning. By you last won this morning I'd tell us what dead new one Gavin yell floor. Try to bureau. How would I want it all they can I do not uphold. And did you not give her homework she's mad about not wow OK it. Gotta be honest is tough on BL four S okay okay okay I mean you got a guy got it right. I. Well I blamed it. The world investigation. Ended Google all of our got big and the help Americans there who didn't know. Know. What. Cannot tell a lie to kind of we don't vote are we have been well all we have the toddler friendly and won't. They share all of shoot it. She doesn't want to talk to anyone and barely a third seed its ultimate barrier plays good she's got me a better person because they. I know colon. Didn't. I and then dinner. Are they not. Allow all of us do you think that TV show improvement this. I'll daughter listening this shelled a South Africa but the days Christina thanks Isabel have a great day. But I feel better you can you get their own farm a pig it's.