Gavin's Bad Night

Wednesday, July 18th


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065 the end avenue attire this morning you can thank you for noticing. I'm not okay I am tired. And I'm not a 100% sure I'm gonna make it guy's psyche gets to the day just in and and get through life to me I'm not I'm sure. Yeah that's like yeah me when the aromatic. I've never said after. I check and act. There's little there's room ramp up to what happened last night OK and my wife. Recently had I'm a procedure done where she. She cannot lift. Are two year old. So for anybody like rain who doesn't have kids. That is prime age for you need to lift this kid all locked yeah now get him in the car seat. Get amend high chairs sometimes just to get him to shot up picture and all week. I've been doing all the lifting. And here it's at a breaking point until my guy he is over me. And I am over him wow self. On top of that he is also on the what happens to two year old rain is they go through sleep progression where they just decide you know what this sleeping twelve hours thing not for me not gonna do it anymore so what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna wake up several times that night. And just be a bitch. I'm just. I scream. At them not fit so like how old Al Rocca missed sleep in the bottle reader has books we do the Lawrence. You do the back thing he flew on me now I lay in it is bad. That wakes them up and then he just decides to roll around the bags feel all of that but first our. I can't leave I'll come off stage. In that situation could that I'll leave either and stand dobbs starts to scream in the that's what's been going on for the last week of last night. My wife get the migraines. Solve. Our man so not only. MI dealing with. Leo waking up. I'm also dealing with my wife and I am not complaining that like my wife. Though exaggerated it was a really bad my angry I don't most of hers are so. Put the outta bed try to go to sleep you accept the oath that come back my wife is crying in bed took as a migraine is so bad at all. And she says I'm about to throw up. I'd say OK let me go get to a trash can I go to get a charge scanned the trash gains filled with tiny little bags of cat litter. I would wanna throw open to that. Helping and I quickly changed the garbage bag put a brand new garbage bag in the trash can. Make it just in time she throws up into the trash can on the air and governor back like 1130 at night and Robert back she's crying. I'm crying. Just exhaust that after we get this. She's done she feels better that he in my head saying a prayer you know what she's done she's ready to go to sleep. The was still asleep and hope he stays asleep. To the bag. And has all of vomit and taken out I'm going to take it outside. As a walking downstairs have been. Trip over the baby. Flies out of my hand. Over my kind lands and with us all hope I fall downs there. I. I am also a big person yes and when I at all. It makes a lot of noise oh you know. Also woke up the golf man. You eggs are not winning screaming in his bedroom. I now home trying to scrub this block at the moment out of the carpet and although. Why are. Yeah I didn't tell the K okay yeah. I. Hope you may be tripped on the main eat like. At the bottom of the stairs no knowledge of how the power there good yeah I really needed baby JR. So everyone's crying and Sauna I'm trying downstream the baby environments I knew I. All manner so needless to say. That was mine night and here we are. Don't like this would happen and I would tell me and I would think this never happened to the people right no yes. It did kind of feel like this is happening at. Mean yeah. Somebody did this maintenance TL coming plucked me out of an alternate dimension where everything is coming up roads and Cheney and as you know what try this on for size bowl. And it. So grows album. And everywhere.