Gavin's Phone Scam: AirBnB 7-25-18

Wednesday, July 25th


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When a six time. And rain its going to. Twice every morning at 610 an ancient and we knew Gammons bone scans what's scam today Colin Rick. He's got Brady gonna trip with his wife Arianna. And what he'd do before every trip you pack yeah. And prank. And agree on a lot of meat call as his air BMB Iran terror. To tell him that there is some things that he should be prepared for. Phone scam. So why is this Rick. Oh yeah. Hi Rick. Is newer he ran to my property on air B and be up at south Lake Tahoe how aria. Oh yeah real good number of five I like to call all of the people that are gonna be running my property and just tell you a couple of things you're gonna need to bring. Bombed before he got there I looked on city of a pen and paper usually get a pen and paper. Well yeah actually. Restored. The public. Chris. Okay none of the beds have any sheets on them so brings him sheets brings in both cases. So you're gonna wanna bring I I've appreciated if you brought like paper plates paper cups. On debris cancels. And our our house doesn't provide any toilet paper paper towels you're gonna have to bring that as well. And I Powell and the last leisure gonna wanna brings an itch cream. It decides that you're gonna be. Just fine. Really true. Lou what what it's important. That does for the bed bugs. You. I am I'm wearing my don't sheets out of bed bug man if it was is simply sheets I wouldn't a bed bugs. And we're. Actually did it's and I put it in the disclaimer for the air B&B agreement when you click agree. It's in there Adam put him and but it in there. No well if you bed bugs so why are you running an air being beats. I need the money did have. Take care of the bed bugs. Does crazy yours you're taking advantage of a couple booking routine. Taking advantage I've I've put it right there in the agreement and didn't disclaimer you Wear it Dodson yeah it's tiny like a bed bug Dinara said that small. We'll bet what do you know that you're up and be that that's ridiculous that's not what I'm. But great young are going somewhere wooded bed bugs. Boy it's I don't care if you come or not I mean none of them you've already read it it. I a lot more I want my money back if I'm not coming because there's bed bugs and you're you're. You wind the people that's not fair I want my money back. First ball I never lie and NIC the word bed bugs right there plain as day. Where it. It is right after this sentence that says not only one of the toilets works. And the other one that says do not open the basement door that is locked with a padlock under any circumstances with the cross burned on the door it says it right there. What little influence is this this is ridiculous. My my game they keep your property at south Lake Tahoe that I avoid Asian. Would blog bed bugs such ridiculous I never let up war. I am not a professional renter I'm just a regular Joe Schmo. Who's renting property that happens to be infested with bed bugs has won working toilet and where a murder may not. I have been committed in the basement so. Wicked Joe Schmo did it's ridiculous I want my money back. I am not the guiding your ring the property from this is Gavin from the wake up call one to 65 the end. And I was just messing with you your partner on the phone scam. Why. You'll meet your wife Arianna your wipe Rihanna what did meet tennis skin you know. Oh man all right okay. So that read I'm sure the place bubbly and I'm sure it doesn't that bed bugs but I guarantee though that when you go. If you ditch even once you're gonna be like. I think this place might have bad dogs. I'm gonna all of them do go ahead now. That's not the and just get someone who. Email phone scam ads and online dot com. You wake up call.