Gavin's Phone Scam: Boy or Girl Fridge 6-28-18

Thursday, June 28th

Gavin calls a store asking someone to shop for a fridge for him since he can't leave the house and he has a very odd request of how it looks.

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The wake up. Evans' own scandals every morning at 930 so what's the actual illness and got an email from Marshall and he asked me to mess with his roommate Bobby who works at a big box door. Specifically in the appliance section. So I call and I today that email I. I have an injury and I can't come into the store so I need you to kind of shop for me. And the request that I have for what I'm looking for her refrigerator. Are unique but my favorite part is how Bobby eventually does completely plays along. It's always. Good morning to Bobby had a mail in. I is this the appliance section. Of injured. My legs and my hip and I cannot make it into the store and my refrigerator just went out. Oh wow what a predicament no derby out luckily. So what I what they need from you is. I. I need June to kind of be my eyes and go shopping for any kind of a thing like eyes and I can't make it in the store. And I'll have the Internet I don't believe so I'll make a purchase based on what you described to me. OK is there any kind of three Joseph looking for it like any brand. Or Eric. Eighty cubic feet you're looking forward. Project I ordered a little and. Some of them between three and 4000 dollars. Which Hernandez Shelly can here I'd like to call you sir like how. Old yeah I think you're Rowell. Patrick nicely year old guys ha. They would check it. It may be really guessing I would let my least favorite. It's an LG. And confused or indoor. Guy. It's 49 point seven cubic feet or door restored for curators steal steal the product right is shared by what we are being jeered. We're historic site would certainly tried their. I'm not a Jews did in any of that stuff a's beat you know it looks like. Are you know what he's got bridge what color is it. Like I said they would steal what I mean. And clean gray is a jerk French. Posture I can I don't know what you mean by that. I hand you the spoon. That's a girl. My original fork that the boy and everybody knows that should know gave the bridge that you're looking at isn't a boy or girlfriend edge. I L I B I. Think you know it's now or pledge to tidbits to argue tell the bridge the border girl move onto another one. We want to bridge. RA are right in the second round. Calm down I'm fridge my legs are busted. All of this actually concerned showcase. A 2.0 four cubic feet. It is. Black stainless steel. Expects that looks very masculine. I am not young boy bridge. Okay grid now why do you think it's a boy bridge. I don't allocated. It's it's tall. Are the winds are very striking. Aha are stretched or La. Bob bat that's Grammy. Shooting that fridge that dealt a boy bridge what would you what game would you give it. In addition to win and what would you name a look at chuck. Look like legged like it John you match the chart but it yeah you averaged jock. Sure. Know. How much is it. God swing garnered about 2808. Announcement accidents. Can you find me a girl microwave to go with that because I like that a girl microwaves I am a microwave works well my microwave is a boy. And if viable lawyer Bridget a boy and microwave we're gonna fight that's just the way that it goes. Do you buy me a girl microwave. You're right. The somewhere between. Fifty dollars and let's say 15100. You can orbit a kitchen aid that you know that's early are telling. Our guard is one point four cubic. Now now you know what will make at this point you know what I liked. Why tell me why what she looked light. Aren't stimulus bill Legg great great great name car. She and it. Only cool cool cool a. Yeah that. Janet Hamlet kids in May come of food. I love it. I share. Yes I am gladly pay you. And wake up call all of that slightly. And Europe phone scam your roommate Marshall last meeting gave you call and do this. Pick pick pick pick pick the good. Understand someone. Email phones Gammon has and online dot com. You wake up call.