Gavin's Phone Scam: British Driving School 6-22-18

Friday, June 22nd


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The wake up call. Six I the end. Every single day they generally do Gavin installments game and so what I got today got an email from dawn I'm pat and she. Her. Husband it's her husband. Jim he is a driving instructor owns his own driving instruction school. And she just wanted to meet the group Ottoman prank gone so. I thought wouldn't it be funny if I called up with the worst British accent you've ever heard in your life into pretending to be British because I need to learn how to drive but I need a British par with the steering wheel on the other side in order to do it. Phone stare. Hello. Yes this is Jim how are you. My name is Raul dole and sure all your act. Big and struck out all. Less. Yes yes Simon diving instructor and how can I help ideology wanna get them let them. Hi dear little lies behind Matt alive and true. It used to be the problem. Completely inaccurate when it comes to all roads in America. I'm just took bits about it sold what I need is high and laureate had this. Side of that call. And is why I'm calling. You only area seems to have all American clause and I need a British one so that I can look. And how to drive. Well I I. I understand though we are in America they are very rare thing at the end right and did. Now don't give a (%expletive) you need. To know that there among these sort of vehicle over here. Wear on its side of the cloth. I can learn how to drive I'm comfortable with the bloody. And using the steering wheel bad. It's only transition. To you all blew a man. I. On well you can get you caught a little bit later today and I have my sit in the interest and right wheel cars. Drastic. Another question for you may. Want a barge the car up a little bit. Think that responsible for all that's something that you'll responsible. Letting me about barge that currently being mean. If I am I why did you hear in that. Dean you can't sing any of the cart. Teeny tiny bit. Timing game. I think you need some fanatic aren't out there on. Yeah we say that it would your responsibility. And now. I'm hello. I don't they we would. I don't think we would work well together or I'm now though. And I would be robbers behind the wheel of the call it a rich and boy. Don't I don't always. Because these are you just. Now I think people are projecting that you. Things that they could get one now. Does that. I mean what is projecting my yeah. I gotta I gotta go man. I'll eat yet that helped need to. Would you hold on second Jim I got a little timid from the wake up call all what does 65 the end. Europe's own damn. I'll. Well you know well let crude pony. Clue. Why a lot last media do this you're gonna dig her only candidate in her letter is let's let's match.