Gavin's Phone Scam: Cake Order 5-11-18

Friday, May 11th

Gavin calls a bakery to order a cake for his wife....who he hates. 

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106 IBM. It's the wake of add insult to scans every morning at eight and I'd what's the back story on this got an email from Adam and Adam wanted me to. It's tip phone scam his wife Lilly. Lilly works at a bakery that she runs with her friend. And yeah Lilly does half the day or friend does the other half the day half of that was adorable. He's in my life is very very nice flight but I'll. A nice person should talk to somebody who's not my old and I try to order birthday cake for my life. Who I hate. In this phone Sierra. Let me you've reached. Lily. Hi IA I need to order cake. I am honestly did you. It's birth thinking okay about 888. I am Britney at. Moon god my lights. All young man about it EO Mel no I am not. Gonna. I'm at chocolate will. One at poppy seed. You do like. Fruit basket or something you put fruit min. Ideally you are a number of different feeling to do a job raking equally as raspberry selling Blu-ray Allen. Can you do how about you do. My guess strawberry filling but what chocolate icing I guess he do that. Sure what what kind of neat then allocate like equal or chuck. I don't care you peck. I'm czar comes on the well it's a real pain in the ass. I I just I don't wanna do this it's her thirtieth birthday sell her mother is making me feel like I need to do this when I turned thirty nobody did. We did anything for me. But here we are here we are Airways got at all all bow down. I am wary about. Sorry. Smile lights like get out of it I get divorced there were two deep we got two kids we got a mortgage and mortgage. She had a boat given both the lone racetrack when the lone good good my wife needed a book. I'm. And what why keep it you want. OK okay. What he's nice cake I don't know her mom will be there's no extra large. OK we are here in would you let. Or just 901 K got a lot of wedding Kate good god the last thing Chinese be reminded of that day. Why did. If I could go back in time. And not get married I would live. Up to its. Well. Let the kids you know and I love the kids. Of course I don't I don't know I don't army mil armor or rude do. Well. There would. Would you like to pick up your error or on what day would you like to pick up. Yeah I'll I guess again and I'll think about sure. OK I am. We can probably get it each year about read ain't that early not like you need a church. No god no we don't need to Russian we all rush around for our everybody rushes around every time I go anywhere. One get kids ready. I myself. Do kids. Any ocean around rusher I'll burn anymore. I'm sorry. At eight little lights and music and kids and now. I'll belittling not now Kate helps a little bit. How anyone unlucky and I loved Kate. All of gala PO I viewed here very nice and sweet talk. We made gate that they've made that Joseph Borg. And Lilly Lilly. Are you single. Well. Me either as lives of his main street journal world not a single. Warm yeah. Anyway I anyway. Could you want to equal eight and I can get that Q and regain and I just need a credit card number XU. Okay you ready how attributed number's growing. 1065. The rest just some letters to. EH EE ND. So it's spells out one a 65 the end as you're on the phone scam this is Gavin from the wake up call and you're on a phone scam. I yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Oh. We all good to boot that. I ever had in a that people. Away here. And was wanted me to do it though I mean it's damn I don't know who could. Album I. That night I told them I was Bordeaux where you're at it again that it's remedying. I guess so what is sick now.