Gavin's Phone Scam: Cash My Check 8-20-18

Monday, August 20th

Gavin calls a check cashing place and see if they'll do it over the phone:

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When a six idea Gavin TV and radio it's the wake of twice every morning at 610 an eight and ten and we knew gap in his bones gains what's the back story on your phones in today Bob and Max wanted me to. Scam her boyfriend Jim. Who works at a check cashing place I've never been to a check cashing place. Tom and Katie has her and I Katie assures me that they do that. Cashed checks over the phone to cell I think I tried to make that happen. It is always. My speaking. Jim elemental all hi Jim I'd like to cash a check. Okay well well on this the first Jim are located that you need is what that. You can call Lindsay any of our locations. Bring your hair right here IT. Or are cassis. Right I get that but I don't have time to come in right now like just like to do it over the phone so can I give you the the routing number I'll start with that line. It's 78912. Once let it unstoppable once a song you don't I accept. We have to have a hard copy up its act. And we do have a little question Eric Burke is still out there in the score so that our economy would actually act rooted seat right. So eventually bring that in but I really need the money right now so I can walk you through every part of the check. I'd ask me anything play what's on it for it I. Oh I don't know I don't literature books like. It's a week I now I don't. Well what my grandmother just gave me this check for my birthday so and I and I really need to book has rent is due real soon. So the so I I'd appreciated if you just get help me out with this the amount is on 300. Dollars what that. Are you glad it helped allow you thank you. It'll if you pay every quarter of meet my name's Raoul Raul Labrador under memo it says. Odd known as boy by but that's the country's fuel. You know I'm. To be honest. With you it does not matter what the check those. I don't even read it to be because I can't help you look at the ball even at our core dirt that I cooler how much I cashed your check code responders know Larry. I don't know I don't work at it check cashing place you do I mean it's it's somebody else there they can. It's a guard called Jack there's pictures Garfield on she's still thinks that's cool I don't even know where you get that anymore. Let down and she signed your have to trust me on that once she did sign it. I. I do I hurt. You understand I'm the manager ups and come here we have never and will ever cash check with a ball. Not only it could insert policy aides and also. So why impossible. Clearly rightly kicked open a delicate mixture America that's been wanting to go up when it's not a very well I don't under it would go into. Why the bank account of ports at a bank account. OK maybe you won a question. Is part of the vetting out process over the phone another question what you're saying satirical article. Hi I had little bank I want to Chucky cheese. I any questions about Chucky cheese is pizza delicious. Absolutely are the brides are did not usually get I get you'll take that you're about your right hand. I watched. Wreck or neutered are very sorry we do not chat ships in the ball. And I are in Canada and all sorts. All hold on hold on before we start talking crazy. What can you do for me. I can tell you where are. Locations are around the city and you can choose the what you wanna come into. OK okay icy icy what's going on here let me let me sign it on the back to what they're called endorse let me let me endorses on the back role. Member there now. Now how can you cash. Still now it now. Well this is ridiculous this is almost as ridiculous as a phone scam on the wake up call one to 65 the end which is which are on right now my name's actually GAAP. A I. Ask yourself. Email phones gamut. Online dot com.