Gavin's Phone Scam: Cursed Sippy Cup 8-17-18

Friday, August 17th

Gavin gets a call from a guy who found a sippy cup he left at a playground but it's cursed:

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By the end. The week. Every morning getting ten can't get 610 ugandans felons can switch back story honestly today again. It was just for me so Ari there's a really long with the people who want me to phone scam that. I had this idea and I thought to be really funny and I waited old quite a bit of time for people so her purse for this happened I took out. Tzipi coupled my son's. And I wrote my personal phone number on it. And that I didn't sell. The manager sent and at a playground by my house genius and then waited for somebody to call and then when they called. I tried to scare them by telling them that that's a peacock is terse and somebody named Kenny actually bid it's. It's always. Oh. K. I you know I found this should be cup but the play well then had your phone number aren't so. I figured must belong to you and your your child so. I. Oratory wait wait wait wait. What did you say. I found. What I believe what should speak up on the playground and had a phone number on it. And I am I calling each overcharge you could a trigger your your kid who won it back. Doesn't have chased from pump patrol on it. To me. Does it have been chased from Paul patrol on it oh lose. Yeah yeah. He. You media really that cynical. That's current and not. Bring Missouri and end to this family and I kid you are the playground. Yeah yeah I mean we just on the ground. OK. I ain't. Looking up to Donner pass. And I built. Up telegram around it and livid un flyer. Like the old woman said to build an extension of the ground. Oh my god. I gotta put your name. Any any. I gotta tell yeah I'm pretty sure that I think is curse. I know it sounds crazy I know it sounds crazy it was sitting at a table all. I've not since it was only a quarter. And I thought why not we can always use another civic cop out I've. And I'd pay the old man. Our core and when I turned around he was gone and ever since. And terrible things have happened to us you need to get rid of that should speak up I do not want it back. It's trying to get after me. Okay. I had no old bold well for a little later. You can't total weight Kenny hits. You're gonna have to burn it. Or not I don't even know what they tell you. And you know if you found it means that lives on through true. I I don't like inserted in the world just. All it can't throw away you can't just tell you some of the things that happened I lost my job plus web site. Kids got chicken pox. Vaccinated for chicken pox X. I I. I can't explain that. He can't throw it away it's gonna keep finding new Kenny. I was told you why an old Gypsy woman that you need to go to the highest point around you need to. Little rabbit made of twigs and we need a lighter gunfire. Sleet. I want to Donner pass and it wasn't enough. Just threw my trying to change below the five. Yeah just a little. It right there ratio of twelve lecturer she's still trash. Yeah Devin threw it out yet. Okay okay okay Kenny just I guess that's what you wanna do then I'm gonna have to wish you good luck. OK can I tell you one more thing. Yeah. You're on a phone scam on 1065 the end on the wake up call my name is Gavin. Oh yeah. Yeah. They'll love you those who screwed yeah. Understand some. Email phones gamma. Online dot com.