Gavin's Phone Scam: Fake Fireworks 7-3-18

Tuesday, July 3rd

Gavin called a woman who wants to sell fireworks for chatiy but he only has some rally strange-sound ones left and she wasn't having any of it. 

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Ovens phone Sierra. Well I is marina. Green apple marine I'm role your husband Oliver gave me your phone number you're looking to buy fireworks. Yeah I mean. Yeah I get is a scary yes. Daytime talk I don't and I've got a little Carol. It's Adam I think we are buying the fireworks firming up like a booster for my son's school. Yeah we've got some packages that you can purchase and. Is there like almost. Popular black hands. Yeah I'm so. What are a lot of people by. It's called USA USA and has a whole bunch of different ones that are in there and there are usually some of our more popular ones like for instance in the outline is the rooster tail. And then we also have crazy there's that line where like it's just so minus that like you're insane if you like this off. And that also comes with some big blue balls. Which just shoots off blue blob balls into the year. Oh and Allen also has the bitch better have my honey. It's a Winnie The Who want so it's called bitch better have my honey. And that it looks like honey a lot but then winning the who's on the outside to actually be great firm for the elementary school buddies dressed like him. No announced now don't either I guess I'm like advocate firework export and I I. Don't like we got out at all isn't it up I know first word that really I I don't like that so I'm definite. And most of our fireworks don't have curse words and I'm there's that I mean like there's the gut puncher which is like super awesome and it puts out a boom that's a lot of feels like you've been punched in the stomach. They do warn that one that you do get a little cautious after goes off to cause you know you do get disoriented Yale little vertical cause it was so loud. I don't mean energy at this doesn't sound like I need a leak. I illegal I don't wanna model a legal fireworks. No I wouldn't I wouldn't want you to sell illegal fireworks but I mean. You don't like cell cool fireworks like it there too crazy. We've got one called the jets smoke plume and it's it's literally just smoke like it just comes out and it just kind of smokes and people are like oh. Where is the explosion feeling hot that's the joke. So because Jeff Goldblum as little money this one is also funny that Jeff smoking in public jumper that that's a good one and that. I know it's safe to milk you don't and I am looking person. No no no need. To. How about the on the called the divorced dads hail Mary that it's that they got that name because it's like sued divorced that is the kind of thing a divorced dad would buy. I'd like the last to get utilized. I loved my dad in Al. Apple YE. Questioning what you're doing your didn't know why it became like that I don't like any ambient. And no I mean I. Make the fireworks I'll come up with the names is just eye on the guy that that supply the fireworks. Since just to make sure you're not you would not be interested in the holy right. No no no because you don't like swear words. Exactly. That subject my kids to something like that I'm not gonna that the people of the. Normally ignored nor do I think you should you know I'm Democrats that one out signatures that many of the one that's. Okay. I don't like. That I adults. That they did. It really out of what are your kids are cooler and you won. Like collared pop and the high. You can get those anywhere. We offer awesome fireworks. I don't look your company I'm going to report yeah this is. It could really horrible. While workload wake up call fireworks and my name's actually Gavin and you're actually on the radio on a bone scan. This is not real your phone scams you're your husband Oliver. Gave me your phone number and told me to prank phone call yo what. Up. I'm I'm I'm really and. I am so angry again even laughed feels like a very appropriate model for before the July this year. Welcome. Understand someone. Email phones gamut. Online dot com.