Gavin's Phone Scam: Fix My Microwave 9-17-18

Monday, September 17th

Gavin calls the guy who remodeled his apartment kitchen because he needs help with the microwave:

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By the end. It's the wake up call. Every morning 610 at 810. Gavin stone stands and as always you can text scams to 73389. If you wanna hear any of the classic phone scams what we got today. Got an email from eve who wanted me to. Phone scam her boyfriend Charles is contractor who just got one of the biggest gigs ever had. Where he got to re bottle the kitchens for whole apartment come out or sell com. I thought of like. Well I should you gradually him by completely calling is that crazy Ers. It's always. No it's this chart. Is Raoul. And I I got your phone number. From the management company of my apartment complex is huge is he just got done remodeling my kitchen over here. Apartments. Are there I'm gonna problem. With my microwave. And you need some help on that. I don't a year we really just you're you're wrapped up its floors and perhaps you know it looks so far so we probably did. You remodeled the kitchen. Yes it is or what are OK so I don't know how to change the time in my microwave. Our Internet at that really my issue I think you've got to look better on grew as a band that's it's not a Kindle. What you're the guy who put the microwave Amaya in my kitchen. So you should know about it I mean you did this to me my old microwave told the told time Italy and I got this new microwave. Not even know dealt evidence. This fault. Incorrect. You're popular YouTube migrated. And does that. Is this your fall. I have microwave one day day in the apartment complex said every race get a new kitchen I'd say I don't want a new kitchen they say well. Everybody has to get a new kitchen I'd say fine. You show lob. I have a new microwave. The only operating. You're migrated the WOK. I don't know how it seems that time I don't know how to might meet. Yes I do all of my cooking microwave so. Your fingers. Yeah on the laptop right there and the Google and army are. Okay you're being combative and all I'm looking for is an answer if you don't I. Answer the question about the microwave that's fine. Well let's talk about the other for a second that clock is wrong so can you please come over here and resell my clocks. Are. I have had to eat out every single night since this atrocity happened I don't want any of this happen. You you might be good normal human being I've ever not pitch Lester a a park where the public here on Google it up but only I'm over. Put Charles on the phone. I am so. Well then this is not going the way that I was promise. We're going to hold on its second will you go I just need to tell you one more thing. Tiger on the phone scam this is Gavin from the wake up call 165 the end did not the trail. Blow them out or odd about that sort Poulter all men what their outlook. I. Email phones gamma. Online diamond.