Gavin's Phone Scam: Ford No Escape

Friday, July 13th


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One is fixed idea and so I wake up call here's a clue. Phones again. Well all 106 IBM's. Every morning at 810 hits Gavin his own scams she was sorted out and we're going to be on gaming guy named Tim who. I was given his direct line at the automotive service plays that he works his wife Lucy wanted me to prank him. And she came up with the idea and I think it's pretty funny would happen if IE. Could get out of my car. It's his fault but all of yeah it's always scared. Hello this is automotive repair. Assistant upbeat. A. Are are are you. It's. It did it to him. And I. Just this week and I'm not inside of it. RIR. And you like nobody should call who now. I. Lied I. Get out. OK okay there are now. Okay can you tell me what kind of car you purchased it what the model. Rectitude you know specific model army sometimes. It might become a particular. But ease well. I. Only to escape. Color erotic. A. I'm okay sir I'm. Two lead in the paper we re we look around and and checked it just make sure that the doors are unlocked. They're old they're adored well. You can't take a deep Brent. Could you breathe it may are chosen breed and like one. To move there. OK you know. And you want to unlock the doors. Working. Robert that a lot are are moving all right all right on. What what do you. Beat you on to unrolled a window. In order put down. No I've been trying to push him. What is they're not going out should. Now we'll never know or don't brick the windows. It's now definitely definitely don't plunged the window opens a window. On. It car on sir. I. You're great well yeah and underwent a electronic. I knowledge car. Well sir actually it's your car you bought the car. Ought to know I didn't make decried it as work in the automotive shop. Oh. But okay can I didn't had a breathing again right. All of the bad big. And that won't air bonds are about that's not gonna help you get out of the car. It is but. And a. And you can you turn a car on bike and you turn it on and guys. ND UPI and you don't run okay I'll take a key you have the key to the car. Is that they looked like a pop I call a little pod for the double bag TV more. A red Wheldon or get yet at the OK. Button. Right yeah I wish to push button. The odd. The odd. OK you know. They're not enough that we are there reliable what you JPG right he'd turn it he'd pushed dissing him and the color not. What do you try and push on the pod be unlocked but that's the backboard. But didn't work its quirky. And what it. Okay. We know it's it's not it's not an explosion or. Some. I'm not sure honestly what out like can I can do from here because I cannot diagnose the probable won't. Keep. To. If you want to turn on the radio. I'm. They're helping. It's making me feel better I put all. I'm a portal was its five the end and had your radio station. Yeah I reality that edition of good because you're on right now. Gavin from the wake up call and your phones and right now on 165 the end. But Gary Barlow makes it feel better. Lose he wrote me email and asked me to do phones gambling you look into handled it up pretty well under. True. We should win employee of the month because you were patient. Your perseverance. And you didn't help me but that's okay.