Gavin's Phone Scam Frozen Food 6-19-18

Tuesday, June 19th

Gavin calls as a wedding catering company to say their company caught on fire and they can't cater anymore.

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106 IBM. I'm afraid it's going to. Every morning at age and we do Gammons no one's seen him sweat George scams today there is something very special about calling. A woman. That's about to get married. Weeks before their wedding to tell them something is really wrong with their way and a that's. Crest is getting married in two weeks. And her beat ya de. Told me to do this. Even game. All the information I needed about the catering company they're using. And what do you think would happen if I'd call occurred at teller at the catering company has run out of food. Islands and phone Sierra. I don't. Highest Christa. Robinson. Paid this is Raul Labrador and I'm with. I catering you hired us to do your wedding how are you today. Do you old war. Com I mean personally I'm fine but we have a little bit of an issue here. The menu that you agreed with our chef and our events planner on is actually. Not going to be able to work out the way that you in Beijing and we what world. What in the way that. And you can't have any of but why. We had a situation I'm sure you've seen it all over the news are major distributor where we get all of our food. How to fire. And everything was destroyed it is it was a terrible situation. Almost hurt to. Maryland sorry to hear about the same time. Barney. Don't hurt. I understand exactly what your hanging out and grab it don't let her there. You already have. The money for a rude and prepared the food and had to serve very. There. Yeah how able our ability to find another vendor to provide you with what service I've already played port. Okay who will we are prepared to give me your money back and you can find and another caterer. Two weeks before my wedding you can't go. Q a globe street store and I can't go and and and get the supplies that you need to provide the service did that you contractually climate to get. All we don't have the time for that oh my god no you should do it though if I tell you what. If you go if you go to Costco or or whatever he thought they would. What do. You Lonnie Ford at the RT ignorant and he did it potentially need to double pay. I would biting the lewd and and paying double per dude I'd party why. Excellent point so we'll give you money to go shopping and then you got you by all the food. Then deliver the you know I. May get. I think your outlet and the something you're gonna happen to couple your insurance company I'm sure you're covered in case of a fire. We never thought we'd never bought insurance as. However the company said insurance is for suckers that's what he said did then how he knew what he. No no you guys were completely liable predicts. Well. Written you know you need to know I know buying another case her. But I am coming at your company took full reimbursement. What the additional copy that I actually haven't watched catering ordered negro wedding at eighty people you meet. Okay your very upset let's just take your breath together OK okay. Yeah. All you want like him he's he's still kicking himself again and sure quite what I want how about this how about this let's let me try to make you happy. Let me go over Norwalk and cooler and let me see what we have and we could probably still work something out okay. OK so yeah it's so we still have some stuff in here. That could probably work okay now originally. It says here. The EU wanted chicken and steak as the protein for your dishes correct. Yes Mediterranean chicken and the car can say. OK so here's what we have in in our cooler here and we can absolutely do this for you. How do you feel if we did Blake's. And rocky mountain oysters. Do it. Testicles but delicious they. We are on. They're very good deal we'll chew now I'm not gonna be remembered the bride. Serb technical at a wedding jolt some adult anyone what did we call them Mediterranean chicken they cut looks like chicken when it's cooked up. Well I'm not you know I'm not not worrying. Chris I tell yeah I see our unilateral approach he went here. Raul Labrador whoa. Labrador. In your pocket. I his name is Gavin. He works at 1065 the end and he's on the wakeup call. Your own phone scam like Europe and had. You're only gonna be. I. Held out. Yeah you'll. Love. You don't you re like oh hey I. No I assume so. Understand someone. Email phones gamma. Online dot com.