Gavin's Phone Scam: Generic Superheroes 7-16-18

Monday, July 16th


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1069. Your brain it's the week. Rewarding idiots and you get a brand new Gavin stolen scam got today were called Caron at request of her friend it's is that. Karen is trying to plan a superhero themed birthday party for her sign he'll. And IE and the Souza told me what company share is already called. So I call up pretending to be from that company and I say we can do a superhero birthday party here's the problem. Because our costs are low it's because we don't pay the rights to marvel or DC Greg and I the actual superheroes they're all generic. Phone scam. Hi is this Karen. Yet it Karen this is row Labrador. I'm returning a phone call from a. Foot. Beat you called about getting some characteristic come out to a birthday party. Yeah yet from my son's birthday. Okay great what is the birthday party. In a month and look at the fourteenth okay. And what exactly were you looking for what kind of characters. Well my son is playing for millions of superheroes so I'm thinking he's loving you and you're right now so I'll give you vendors. OK so one thing you need to know about us is that we keep costs low and by keeping costs low. We don't pay the rights to use any of the characters that that a lot of kids now we make our own costumes. So do we have the avengers great question. The answer legally he is now. But the answer really is yes we just call them different things and they look different than light them what your ear you show we have Spiderman but we see his name is correctly boy. We have a really muscular guy didn't come out we don't call holt we call on the gray green ground Gaal. And doubt while I wait we. Will we have all well look usually you have to pay the rights to use the names so it's that a Captain America we've got lieutenant flight waiver and instead of Doctor Strange we have the nurse blues. You can widow instead of black widow like US EC world or go along with Betsy now. You at least have Iron Man. The work. Yes we do know why we we call for. Oddly instead of floor and he just has a big number four in his chest but he does still carry around a Hammer's just like a regular hammered to get a Home Depot. And now we have Iron Man he'll looks like real Iron Man but he has to be referred to is I am wrong man. Make sure that that is very clear you posted many pictures or or it's going to be Charl. Overall alcohol I don't know how old he didn't learn would you do would you rather do it justice sleek. What are what are they look like. I mean they they look a little a little differently com we Batman and we have flying mammal man and we have the spectacular gents that's Superman. And out old spears lady. That's great for girls are they girls are gonna be there shall Wonder Woman but browsers lady. And she. He is even better just trust me I'm not one. Now that it crazy. Supply. I Seattle get like Kelly why wouldn't you back. Well we go out of our way to make them all look like the real characters the only one that we didn't in any has caused some problems. Is that we caller flash characters the speed junkie. And that has caused some some problems. For children's parties. You know I I don't know if you're working out to me it is not what I had a. Can I just one more thing guys just one more thing how. You try out just a loan scam that's a juror on on what does expire the end this is Gavin and your on the radio. Period. Yeah what are your friend Suzanne wrote me an email and ask me to do this she even gave me the the phone number in the name of the places you tried to golf per pack. Now. Just get yourself. Email phones gamut. Online dot com.