Gavin's Phone Scam Igor The Handyman 7-26-18

Thursday, July 26th

Gavin calls a woman to give her prices on a kitchen remodel but she can't understand any of the prices because of his accent. 

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It's the wake up call. 610 and ten we give you get this phone scams would get today. The product called somebody named Brittany and it producer gave me come up. With this what this concept. I always thought that it was really funny whenever you're trying to deal with somebody who has a really thick accent. And you can understand them. I just find situations like that really funny because they're all it's nobody's ball and I can't understand you sell we thought let's do a new character. His name is Igor. He's got a really thick accent. Am britney's husband won me to call her on to go over prices for bid that they got on a kitchen remodel. But Britney doesn't know who's been doing the bidding led until I call as somebody named Igor. To give her prices. And she cannot understand. It's. It is always. I know. All I look border. Brittany. And by BBs Igor boorish Mickey. I Cole a bow to the kitchen real mobile. You keach and the ball well yeah. I a prices. A. Oki the wolf. Yeah it's. A book first do you mix election. The rights of the bricks boyish beat. Blue bell lead. But I don't open. Nick and what. Did Beck's blush. Big bush out of a bush. In that rice. Is toward the bill rule. Bill bald guy who. Cool thousand. And I've known invite you to. I. Am. New I want Mort my back I am I won't act. Which Bart. I. I was were bevel dial. To bevel style. How did she or if you do was some way. Right right school that. The maximum election. The rise for Babel. These 2900. MG MT. Beat you goals subway. The price cooled down. The 2000. The real owners and for view it. Okay. Now I'm very meant what the IRI. I don't. Not only book in near heavy I got up under Obama word. Okay. And all. That bright encounters. We have gal putters. We've got Graham in. The year wore on. And dear blue. Did your warm and grime calendar. East war pal Lou in nine owners in ninety. And dude who would be by a thousand. Board he guarded area. I I don't I am. The hope mills and all. Mills record. It. How were you. At. Home and I'm. You like Bryce and you like Bryce is. I don't know I don't know I'd vote on their own. And 180. You can you know. Youths. Let me let you view my email. Oh. Eased. Igor. BG. Or REU. Rules leg. Even one arm. Abducted gul Ali yeah. So who gave her arm. I think he's a bright. In gore. It. You'll late. Dear old dot com. And gave a look through your email. These good prices. I ordered bird. Count birds and a big splash. Or gay okay. Wolf. Hell. Well I guess that's somehow when men. The hypocrite the Coconut Creek and understand someone. Email phones gamut. Online dot com.