Gavin's Phone Scam: Manual Reading 4-19-18

Thursday, April 19th


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When a six IBM. It's the wake of car. Every morning at 810 kids Gavin stone scams and now at any time you can text the word scam to 73389. If you missed it based on scammer. Any of the phone scams Gammons done. What are you don't event. Got an email from jaded to rope on scam her friend Rachel who is really excited to go to her son's school to read it. Which as somebody who read my son's school is exciting to do that. But it's. I think wouldn't it be funny to tell her while we're reading books. Or reading manuals. And my instruction manual us. Yup. Phone scam. Hi is Rachel. There you don't try and reach out hey Rachel this is role Labrador and calling for. Mentoring school or your son Gus how Mario. Are you go along great I'm great among the office workers here and it's my job to make sure that all the parents who volunteered to do different activities with their child's classroom. Are prepared for the event in view of volunteered. To for reading too with the class right. I do and I bet that. That actually. Yeah that's excellent Mets coming up next week we heavy down here for next. Wednesday. Yes yes. And I am. So I just wondered did call and find out what do you plan on reading today a class. I'm open to suggestion very funny her. The book with those pictures. BJ Novak that's a great book unfortunate yeah there are not going to is that with the with the theme that week. So I guess you didn't get get the email. I am but that's Maine you all week so we're gonna need Jews to read from a manual to the class. Well. Okay and it. What what happened underhanded political views against then losing satellite delay you know like Emanuel I'm not abide by a microwave. People I know that yeah that would be perfect do you have the manual for your microwave. No I don't a lion went and we have. We have several manuals here that have been approved by the state but if you wanna bring Emanuel from home that's fine we just need to know what it is do you have any manuals. At home. Oh I got my TV set up okay Emanuel. OK what brand is. Samsung. Unfortunately we are already had somebody else's parent coming in reading about a Samsung TV. Do you have what about the cable box what what are you guys have firfer taped TV provider. Yes. He fantastic do you have the Manuel still true that. Be. All perfect. Did you get do you mind if if I if I hear just a little bit of what you plan on reading from. Army. Why. Why aren't great. Or let me know we get it what law you look for in a tie at that typically what we want the parents to do is obviously skip the introduction par obviously skip anything that's in the language that you don't speak and we'd like you did just jump right to the part. Where it is teaching about how to use the product and then and then read at all please show all the diagrams to kids. I am we've found that the kids really really love that's all. You have the manually and try to. Yeah I I area. So just get part or it starts walking you through it and let us let me just here. I'll what you plan on doing. Okay. And finding your show where are easy to navigate guide you'll only get to it ability to. Mean I did exactly what he blocked that. Daddy would you mind doing it in some sort of character. Me. Because every month what grating you the first grade yet you're reading to first graders they really respond well the characters like big goofy character. Minding your salad. Could ever eaten navigate. I think you'll only Jordan here every. He eagerly buying exactly what you want but they're in it on line. Or are your QB. Rachel that was excellent congratulations. Whom we are looking forward to you coming in next Wednesday. At 10 AM. Gather the wake up call what is 65 in your opponent scam. Liked and didn't. Really want to who's cold who's gonna read mic told the children. Always go to blocked a couple of and it. Yeah JV as we did do this because she would you were so excited to go and read and she's like wouldn't it be funny if we messed with her for that you were sweetheart a very nice person and I'll bet your kids love you because you will go along with anything. I hate you take a look at.