Gavin's Phone Scam: Mover Keeps Eating 7-19-18

Thursday, July 19th

Gavin calls someone looking for movers and it's his lunch time.

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106 I India. It's the way give. Every morning and intent it's all nailed Gavin this phone scams which are scams today sprinkled then that's the request of his girlfriend Leanne. Mama he's getting ready to move out of his apartment to move him with her so he's trying to get bids from different movers and so I returned his phone call. As a mover of one of the companies. But he called me during lunchtime. Phone scam. Little. Whom am rich you've made our military verb. Yeah he made my arm and how old Labrador. I'm calling from. Don't. How are you. Yeah hole won't. Great so I'm duke looked and voicemail saying that you're looking for for movers. Right. Yeah I got the one bedroom apartment aren't cheap it. Lot of furniture. Donut you. Long all in all yeah I'm kind of hop. Arm that. Chart of all of it launched I miss ya know I miss I miss Blanche slumped. I'll be don't mind him. Just trying to play catch appear we we were booked up pretty good so I don't really have time for all our firm. No I wouldn't welcome so anyway so. Give me your address. And we'll start them all I'm dale gadget mortgage on the books for deployment to come by. On key. And I felt like a little bit of eloquent there's Eden like. I'm like fox one mean my neither. Or not you know we all we're really. Favre broke. And here's what word. What me out. All of the hard roll. A man and where did you go around. Boxing you know that we could charge more. We really you wanna still acts above the real. Yeah immediate. Look into an option could learn a lot well and eating right after you get off the owner. Good evening or afternoon or off the on the. All I'm sorry ma'am alms VOR. I miss Blanche. Film. Who also in New England. I mean it's a quick call what's not are now achievement. Then suddenly got to know about me is on my blood sugar gets low if I don't eat and down. I turn the turn into a monster it's very dangerous. What he. Asks is. Or. No I eat well thought out clubbing. I'm on camera moment but now we're not washed down is that how hard. No not that you. I gotta go except. Except. Okay it was down to business. Go ahead what your question. Look at willow you immediately know have one block. My. Bernie term suck them. Yeah now hold on I gotta be honest then I don't know anything about that ninth Gavin I'm from the wake up call what does that side the end of your arm bone scam. Your girlfriend Leanne told me to do this. Are. You. Understand someone. Email phones Gammon has and online dot com. You wake up call.