Gavin's Phone Scam: Murder Mystery Role 3-27-18

Tuesday, March 27th


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So lets it stand time. Definitely phones gaming today we're call Nate. And his best friend Marcus is. Getting rated turned thirty and he's gonna have a murder mystery party my work is emailed me to tell me that he loves. Theater. And he loves all that kind of stuff and he's always wanted to do murder mystery party but his best friend may is the exact opposite of them. He's always been the jock of the two that oh yeah. He's gonna humor him and go to this. Party anyway so I thought. Well let's see how far we can push Nate a 'cause somebody from the murder mystery the company that puts it on. Before he's like I don't wanna do with it is a severe. It's always. Hello. Hi is this me this link hi made this is Scott I'm calling from who doubted they. Are. This this is the company that your friend a markets. Has chosen for his thirtieth birthday party you knew that we are doing a murder mystery dinner party right. Yeah yeah okay so what what we'd like to do is we like to call. Fault the party attendees ahead of the party give you your character. Tell you what the character should be wearing and how you should be acting so this second that you show up you were being character. And we'd like you disdain character the entire time and that does make the experience that much better for everybody especially markets new markets to have a good time right. Okay. Sydney the handgun pan. You or your wanna write all this down our our okay this FEMA that he chose for this murder mystery. It's called the streets of Chicago. And it takes place in the 1920s. Your character's name is pussy willow Monroe. Your character. It's kind of like a real dirty hooker like a real dirty boy. Oh did a little bit dirty boy hooker. A okay and your past your costume is going to be a a leather collar. That is going to have. Have and some chain on the chain is important I can't tell you what it's for yet but that's kind of part of what we do is we do a lot of improvising. OK so that she will Monroe has a leather collar with a chain. And he also wears pink shorts sure it's a game and how good are you at singing. Singing I don't I'm not and I know I'm not commencing an ounce. Oh that's perfect because there's a scene were puts you will Monroe tries to sing a love song to one of the characters. And it's terrible everybody laughs at him and everybody kind of like laughs and pours water on him and kind of like hit. Then that's part of why or why you might be a suspect. Now but I I'm not gonna I wanna remind you again that this parties for markets okay yay don't read great in. A lot of soul are you allergic to latex. I don't. OK are you allergic Ted that's only. I don't think so are you are addicted to any root vegetable. Now fantastic. I gotta tell you I think you're going to be a wonderful puts you well. Eric Eric. How do you think dirty boy hookers. Act because I don't feel our convincingly he'll be a good boy hooker I doubt Hillary got to do I guess send me three things the you'd think dirty born workers did in Chicago in the twenties go. He tried to answer around and it's why did. I don't know they. They debate maybe they were drink peer. No I'm not drink beer. They would probably drink something exotic and beautiful and they wouldn't drink it they would have somebody drink it for them and spit it into their mouth to. Well I mean that that's not we're not doing that either what I gonna spit anything in my mouth. While I think that that will happen I'm just saying that that is something the probably that they did back then. What we want our yeah what are. Yeah. It relates pushed around or whatever wouldn't I don't know already. May sorry. My name's Gavin I'm from the wakeup call one of the 65 the end and you are good sport my friend. I thought well man once said. Have always ask. Mark. Having a thirtieth birthday party and it is going to be a murder mystery thing but let me know. All the mystery plays duke that's where they call ahead of time and tell you something. What he thought you'd have can you get a kick out of this and it sounds like you did or at least you will now. Now absolutely almost too little in shock but all right yes.