Gavin's Phone Scam: Pool Floatie 7-11-18

Wednesday, July 11th


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When I was six IBM and. No way you go go. Every morning at 810 yeah. Evans phone scams which got ready for us today this book and email that I got this is just for me and you know people who are. Who seem to get. What they want for free from companies like just because they like call up and their dislike I'll man I really I'd buy your product that I really love it they're like oh fantastic here's lifetime supply of Oreo of something like that. That never works for me so I thought I try it. And be super obvious about it and I'm gonna call a big hole floating company the and tell them how much I love their product. Until they send me a free one. Evans phone Sierra. Hi how are you. Worried I'm grades grades super great. I I just I call and might just tell you guys who I love. You or your products. Actually agree or carried a. I I recently Tom and got to that giant bottle of rose and I used it might in in my pull. It made. The party like it really did people were talking about it and I think people have more fun because then it's a really. It's it's a great product. Until until blood you're having good time with our products. Yeah and it's well made it like it did didn't pop and all and one of my guess is a pretty large purse and and they jumped on top of that as like our republic wrote they've slowed eat but it didn't bother to really well made product. But Greg we'd be really try hard to do it. Preview quality products. I'm not. Okay and I also got your your shark the shark had that were like you it looks like you're invited to shark's mouth. And and I put that on my guess Troy. Oh no we're only. It may not like nobody knew just three guys. But what I'd like running. Doing. Okay. But that giant all the time no wonder why the pit come down and we used to do the beach people. I mean it was just so much climb even though some. Bullet meter joke about what the ball looked like his sister big brown ball but I like Mac guys it's an avocado pit. And then they were like. Moon. That's also an increase in change depicts that would that'll let. No I'm in January. I went Jane gave me about your company or the flowed Easter super fine. There's so grades are so great Iowa I want the law. Can't thank you so much. We I would I would take I would take any of them are all bomb. I love you or prod fox. I think they are fine. I think they're well made. I tell all my friends how much I like them you don't see where this is going. Really great spirit. I thought I thought you give me a free one. A five you know preacher company. It. And clarity so there we. Occasionally. Do. Provided. Complimentary products you. Why not and time what what I mean I talk on how much like I'm mortal I need this very. Oak. I bought your gear engagement ring floating in proposed. To have my girlfriend with that and it was gone. Wish I say that. I'm sorry sir we can't do free products everyone who likes tired. I got what I am which won the obstacle ones what did end and then I thought they were real that in Melbourne they are and how on a solemn. Really not. I wish your class and I was screaming and you'll till every night but I buy you work. Tears of joy and laughing remote G beach ball and I no longer cry anymore. I think every year. Humphrey. I. Are you here you. Are you. Not. Real lab I get some and freed for lack. And I'm certain I'm sorry I'm so glad you are having a good time with. All of our wonderful quality products but I'm like there's something else I can help you win eight. I actually went on Garnet color. Actually I'm just kidding what's your name. It Sandra my name is Gavin and I do morning radio show in Sacramento all what does six live the end and I have this vote scam his sister prank phone call on this mess and I. Did I mean I really do like your products on I would love a free 18. Tanks.