Gavin's Phone Scam: Read My Book 8-21-18

Tuesday, August 21st

Gavin calls a book store and wants them to read books he's interested in buying:

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When a six IV and Devlin LaDainian Rae gold wakeup call. Twice every morning at six. Know 810 and we knew Gavin this phone scams plus if you miss any of the phones games and get them up and online dot com. We can take stadium is 73389. What's when he got today got email from Tracy. Do. Says that she is married to quote the nicest guy in the world. Home he works at a bookstore. So I wanna see how far can push it's nice that. This bonus yeah. Hello thank you for calling. This is Mike. Jobs Mike my name is Raul Labrador and I'm just calling to seize it by you guys have certain books and I'm looking for. Okay. Shouldn't you have the title. On the and so I'm trying to catch up on like classic books that I never got around to. I heard a lot of people talking about lord of the flies. And I was wondering if if you guys had that like I know it's an old book but I was wondering if you guys had that line. Yeah absolutely it's a classic. Oh cool great. Only think here's the thing what I go online to buy books I love the feature. Where you can like read the first couple pages. And Mike really see if you love the vibe from the from the author you know what I mean. And since my computer's not working had I would liken it to you would do that for me. Not a whole lot but like the judges like read me a little bit of the book. Meet you on the individual didn't go over old self. Yeah I've Debbie awesome thank you. Com. I guess I can do they have a Little League wouldn't go get the book. I mean you guys are too busy right now coercion by your bookstore. 000. No doubt heard the I mean I mean we're familiar to readers slap to my right arm my right right. So no we have a lot you even heard our. Insurer. OK okay so like Al lord of the flies okay premium golden. Okay aged one. The boy with a fair air lowered himself down the last few Peter Bloch and began particularly for beleaguered though he had taken off the schools. They're just this once I'll like we'll still like whenever I do it on line. I'd like put a lot of verbal Otto indoor like in my head. And I read and when I read I always read. Like I'm giving a lecture can you do that a little bit more forming a dual myself but I don't I don't have the book on tape from the top. OK. Okay I'll. Dough boy with a fair lowered himself down the last few feet to block can began to. Okay all right let me up there that you just like lower your voice but like pretend your scholarly. Oh. The boy with a fair error lowered himself down the last few people rock. You're just occurred to me that back it's not be there are starting from the first sentence of the book. You. Only the boy with the veterinarians I'm very confused by this book you know what I don't want it. He got out let me let me try to find something else I just sold the movie. Love The Lord of the Rings the first one but the first one called. Oh yeah the soldier put you right. Yeah they continued Duval won. We all can you find that one I've ever read Demi just a little bit more gatherings. Episode wine. Okay all of them got kicked that's also what I. You wanted to sort from the beginning like I just writers. Hate to want. Yeah but I don't like that though the plates too confusing already. Oh so I chapter one car long expected party. When mr. bill go back and abandoned announced that he would shortly be celebrating. You do it or British accent. God from the movie at a British accent. It's. When mr. Bilbao bag. Baghdad announced that he would shortly be celebrating eleven people's birthday with a party of special magnificence. That those much talked and excitement. Well let's get a blanket. I want a blank when I read I like to be in a blanket. Start over please. I you know what. I don't think they're really have confidence you can just come on down we have a sitting area we can grab a book in connection with the heat so intense you. Seemed so like tear your own voice when you need I would suggest. OK I think I'll do that things might calm by the way your opponents Gamal what is 65 the end my name's Gavin. And I usually one employee of the month after. Thought oh my god okay Craig yeah. Understands. Email phones gamma. Online dot com.