Gavin's Phone Scam: Restaurant Musician 8-31-18

Friday, August 31st

Gavin calls a restaurant looking for musicians as someone who can barely count as a musician:

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And a six IV and oh yeah. The times are 610 and 8:10 minutes twice every morning we do Gammons don't schemes what's on that today. Taylor won a media fund scam her best friend Adrienne who is out of the manager of varied. Small intimate restaurant. Downtown. Who recently put an ad out that they are looking for musicians to play. Light jazzy live music until I respond to the and I have a very special breed of music that I like apply. In this phone Sierra. On the way up. Oh that. Hi is Adrian. Adrian are you the manager that put the out of the musician. I. Hi all yes I am yes yes I saw your ad and I am a musician yes. It was for Friday and Saturday nights correct. Grateful I am your man. On it. Of everything I I plays the ukulele and I play. The guitar and and that's it. But I but. Original song X. Liking to each other Arab light so Abby tightening is they had to cut it any at any. Gain in total. Like I mean is it. Ridiculous that there aren't any really aren't being felt comfortable on it cool though aren't. So I'd I don't have a lot of experience with jazz but I can make it jazzy per share on did you say though that you that you want it quiet. I've got to meet needs. So tell me about adding that you're you are dining and iron. Should I get that. I just wanted to know like. If I keep it quiet how or people gonna hear my words. Well really quiet yes and I. Mean year by year. So they can still hear today will still be able to hear me sing William they'll hear my lyrics. Count your ball need to listen Q log. Well all my songs are about my ex wife and day and they are my truth. They are from my soul that they are people in the my soul. And if I'm going to perform. I only think that it's right that people pay attention to me. OK our. Lawmaker there a performance. ERS another haven't seen your setup an agent yet. My little corner at light maybe it's here. Uttered. Jaded to hearing more about dining areas like a lightning explain the background. How about this I'll play normal but I'll whisper all the lyrics. Like you'll get a good. My guitar and then I'll play and then I will wish lyrics. I'm really a look at buying. That. What what lies what that could be like I really like what I have to offer. Especially now something and whispering the lyrics I think might even be better for the song itself because Burson swear words and I think they've been nicer if like if this where words were less abrasive I don't want to take him out doll book 'cause it's important. Because people need to know the Mac's life is a bitch so. That's sound like a really good match. I don't think they are conspiring sounds like quite an alert in our pressure on. Okay what about. What will hold on what about this just another idea what if I I and there and I only perform one on one. I'm there I offer my services and then if somebody would like to hear a song I will take them in the back and play a song that I'm. Let. And as I look again right yeah I don't even know what you mean that. Like you were so. Public a strip club but I keep my clothes on and they don't I did. It yeah. And now it is more about the leg. Room kind of one on one. Where instead of a lap dance icing song. Oh what are the I feel like I I feel like we got off to a bad a bad first step so let's let. He has been tired at the need to do it right now breathe the thinking for her calling and. Page you what if you let me if I paid you when you let me come down there and whisper songs that people I really don't this. Yeah outcome here. Here. I okay RE a M before all on hold on Adrian he's still there. I just wanted to tell you the year on the phone scam this Gavin from the wake up call what is 65 the end and your best friend Taylor told me do this. Yeah. Understand someone. Email phones gamma. Online dot com.