Gavin's Phone Scam Sloppy Bill Collector 6-26-18

Tuesday, June 26th

Gavin calls a bill collector who keeps knocking stuff off his desk when he's about to tell the amount that's owed.

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Third fourth three days when park tickets and to unite stage at Disneyland resort being here at 930 for your chance to win on 16 by the end. And a six idea. Going. All. This time every morning we do get Evans though Palestinians give as little back story in the when I got him. Email from a woman named Megan who's friends with a woman named Maria and she. One that meets his scam her about something to do with money side but element call her. And pretend to be built collector and who hasn't had that happen to them wrecker and when a bill collector calls you the number one thing that you need to find out from that person. How much I think money do I oh you just tell me so I thought wouldn't it be funny if every single time she asked that question just that was about the teller. Something happens and I can't teller. I would imagine that's pretty for us here. It's always. Hello eyes is Maria. Then I'm really is Raul Labrador and calling from. How are you today. I'm good how are you know. I'm fine I am calling Sid go over a billing problem that we have we have a substantial. Amount of unpaid medical expenses. On that are about to go to collections. And if you were able to pay it today I can prevent that from going to collections and affecting your credit score. If you're prepared to do that. Pool but can you let me know late what do what was the problem with that bill. And I'm not really understanding. I'd say it's several bills several unpaid medical expenses. Okay. I wasn't expecting this pregnant and know. Exactly how much in this. I want to look how much the amount July oh. Okay the amount is. On a whole lot of them. I. Oh I'm sorry and I really don't have a lot of sent. I'm still here I mean. At any. Well me. Yeah just what does the Meier Wright he's always. A female I really have to go and not really understanding why you're calling me asking me for money and you don't even know how much money. And it's right here okay. Alcohol aren't you know the amount of might. Have neatly on how much I know why the backing out. Well. Judged move. I mean won't ever have messy workstation NRA. Like they did really am professional now I really have to go this is. I am not understanding the situation. You know what I apologize. I'm sorry that that happened around 7661065. Only drawback songs experts I gonna play like next stage of any deal on the lake golf. 16 IV and. Viles McCain and. Times have fans and I can't in non. Good match this game. Isn't. Oh. I'm overwhelming this can't be something we can take to ease. Yeah. And shrinking of the take your homeland you'll feel better. He says he's hitting his then. Does it. Though. Well. And it. Yeah sounds apathy is actually Anthony non known and is seeing this young men absolutely and need. Sounds rounds have been. It's okay. Face severe pounding. Can we. This system that need. CNN actually. And is seeing is song and. So it's. His act alone. This kid and then. Sounds I'm so we'll back pain yeah. And I. I need. The wake up call I want to 67661065. Next 1065. The end. Your attention. Others saying. On the Sunday. It's aiming for. The naming the. A slight too broad a fight to have fight myself. I mean he's left out by saying can't we j.s did you quit. I'm Jennifer I don't see. Like living you know when it was a fantastic shooter isn't publicly and got an email me. We don't exactly sound great the bulls. Bleeding fewer. Really yeah it's everything going. Heroes must do you believe you know. You don't have extensive NASCAR. He knew I tried everything in my. So I. It's. Tony you know I don't like to call a 65 the end all the hits sunny and 92 today we had the big unveil earlier this morning. With k.'s daughter Abby giving her make a wish granted if you wanna watch the video you can text wish right now the 73389. Tissue alert. Does this say it's it's deadly I'm not cry in your crying situations and text wish to 73389. The wake of golf. Smackdown time. Winner pictured tickets today we have two spots on the guest list deceitful Meehan and the loss with intern Kevin. That's of the century ardent on July 6 you can actually text Sprint's. The 73389. For details and have you can see it Meehan in the wasp with intern Kevin thanks to our friends at sprint. Or you can win tickets to see Harry styles at the golden one senator on July 9 in light editing who has been the old school smackdown today Megan from Sacramento good morning. Mining plan would Katie this morning okay. And sitting so I can't. Samantha from Al groh good morning. Lonnie you're slightly Gavin this morning okay. Now ladies did you shout out your name yet they're really making clear what you're saying have you found. Are our rules are simple I guarantee he'll play some clips of some old school songs shadow you're name if you think you know it closest to title and artist gets the point. If Devin and Katie don't know the song Samantha Nagin will go to you know closest it got shatter your name if you think you know the answer in closest to title and artist would that point okay. I. Guess reading yeah Rego here's underlined old school smackdown on the wake up call. Gavin milk. Song called stop. And down. Hosed here. I don't remember and. Katie and get out judge felt that was it. Symantec Megyn. No no nobody is technically Katie is I am shocked yeah national title is leave. I don't show. Heard out. Well technically it is leave and get outside OK and so BA SL in technically at the point one of them. Judge Joseph eyes still the youngest is one of the youngest people ever have a hit song she gets reduced their team of very very good voice seemed like Morgan have earned him. I. She probably made him. Nice clip the money off of that song and and should was able to live the rest of her life like a normal person probably well yeah or so trying to eat it your passion is to be a singer. And you can't be a singer there. Well a little bit of the back story because she was so young and inexperienced she can assign a bad contract. Songs which occur years to get out of I wish. And a music has she was kind of income that is a very sad story yeah I. She finally got out of it everything's fine house and now look better not might Exxon and old school smackdown on the lake golf. Millie. And. To get to the weather like a tale of chicken (%expletive) detailing a particular show up should see (%expletive) can. You tell whether the. I was trying to complicate that I don't worry you can. I thought I got my grade do you think the highlight of the break up what we think chicken feather like at 10 o'clock there. I don't know yeah. You're thinking they like detailed manner do you know what the contractors long term speed CM now. Something's real. In that video yet about ways to heat up. Cool guys. And I'd be relied is your mama's guide ass like reindeer whatever that means thanks Nellie there's not a themes vary your route and right. Dyer got an excellent. An area all schools Mac delicate call doesn't. Lie and that Tom. Jimmy Eat World the metal. Is give them I didn't bother playing the music and what a joy and give you an opportunity title of the song is not even in. And look at that are now holed an argenbright Jimmy didn't judge Allan. Under the name of the song is to just take some time or something like that as well. But this never really thought it is they don't sing the middle it anywhere in the song. Well I don't know why it's about who don't let them more interest income due to talk about Georgia gun trying she's mad and I energies with Jimmy. Shannon is out there in the world. I hear an excellent old school smacked a little wake up call by the way I Gavin to Katie one. All mom. Up and. Gavin. Seed. J-Kwon. And. US team are my goodness I thought back come you know why and and DeVon also says did eighties no guided dale. We got to put. It wouldn't really broken apparently parents and who. The peace. When war how well you know I. I don't wanna say and lost so much has climbed. You are man a man real I year old I'll share with everybody we all want and I'd Samantha the Manger our big winner today. I. You're welcome we'll let you pick your tickets you can go to the premiere the intern Kevin deceit and mean and in the loss or.