Gavin's Phone Scam: Soccer Team Building 9-12-18

Wednesday, September 12th

Gavin calls a soccer mom to relay plans the coach has for team building:

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When a six IBM. And rain it. It's the wake of twice today every morning at 610 and again it's getting phone scams and what your skin today. Entry and John son play on soccer soccer team and John wanna me to call and let's of his life a little bit about how. Special requests. That the coach has for the team that would really help the team building I just wanted to see how far I could push. It's always. Lou I'm looking for. I. Andrea this is Genevieve I'm calling from the soccer league how are you. I'm married and then these. As Genevieve. Genevieve. Yes so I'm on call about Kyle and I am calling about the soccer team he is on the correct. And K great I just wanted to let you know that the coach was. Requesting that we get parent approval for a certain team building exercises and activities. Is that something that I can go over with few real fast. Surely what kind of activity isn't lacking by your Kennedys. Okay is that Genevieve and Shannon didn't. Are already on the job with the Zsa with the job. On her you're saying Genevieve. And it's Genevieve. OK. Okay I am not sure at first Q would really like it if all the boys went to Sacramento republic game together. I yelled out I'm very. Low grade to put them down I'll put that down the EUR yes the Kyle can go he also would like them to learn a group pants. It. He had like I came in place yeah. Okay it's Genovese. It's Genovese. OK also on he would like teen sleep over. Oh yeah I have my. I would Wear that we are there to me. He requested that they sleep on the field that that they will have a game the next day something about it. With the field in the dirt the grass. Okay I'll put that down for now also another point that he would like to do is he would really like the boys to go on a buyer walk. EE. He has done several of them and he finds that there are not only good team building exercises but almost spiritual. And he thinks the boys will be just fine. Need be Heidi and try and your results real bastard you know. Ari just wanted to be clear it's not actually walking on fire. What it. It's walking on burning holes. All he had not really in the different. Okay and I'm also the last one that he wanted to parent to prove blonde he would real boys to get a tattoo. Got Tina tally. Now now on the team he knows somebody who said that they would do it for a nominal the and he was thinking about getting the logo of the teams tattooed and the boys can pick where. On the bond ridiculous and I'm completely include at least speak it either I'm not it had all the while it touch you walk on. I hear. I don't know I don't I don't coached me. Rock so that so should I put you down for now on the tattoos well. I wiretapped and yet it eat brand. I don't have an option for hard hats that yes or no here. Oh okay. And one more thing that I just wanted to go over with you is that you're actually on a phone scam on 165 the end on the wake up call. All I pitchers Gavin and and your husband jog put me up did this so don't worry there's no. Abuse going on on your kid's soccer. Hi hey. I had no clue yet it does not. Got the wrong hands and they are not allowed to play any or average. I. And just get someone. Email phones gamma. Online dot com.