Gavin's Phone Scam: TMI Telemarketer 6-11-18

Monday, June 11th

Gavin calls as a telemarketer but he shares too much and wastes her time: 

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106 by the end of. Go boys go golf. Every morning they generally do Gavin its own gain emphasis is where gab and makes prank phone calls to unsuspecting victims to impress Colin today. Amy and I got an email from her best friend Kim and she said. That Amy has the history of not knowing how to get off the phone with a telemarketer. You wanna be rude. So I thought what would happen if I was the telemarketer. And I call her specifically. To just waste your time and give too much information. It's so. I. Hello my I please speak with the B. And hollow Amy my name is Raoul. And today's your lucky day I'm calling taking gradually you know because you've been automatically entered into the sweepstakes. Glory free timeshare for six months in beautiful Lake Tahoe. Command neat well I don't know I can't. This they want to tell lifetime opportunity. That I will be thrilled to guide you through. Pearl the ball will do a woman. We partner with orbits dot com and you were automatically entered. 483. Times share for six months in beautiful Lake Tahoe oh. I have the only. Is this proper spelling of your last name with two d.s or one. And sentenced to one B. Okay great have you ever been that Lake Tahoe. Won't won't won't know it's so beautiful. The last time I was there I went up we actually go in the wintertime. When I went out in the summertime because it's like why not you know. I went there with my boyfriend and he and his name's Steve and he and I had to go so much. On the night life almighty god that night life. Don't. What are they going back oh my gosh that's such a great question. I summer like late summer. Maybe early September because we don't like kids some may be right after the kids are all in school but it's still warm you know. And the water has had all summer LA heat up. Not my kid they're coming home from school. Soon. On all Connie how many kids do you have. Old. And met. I outline mobile hole. All under the age of thirteen wow I've always wanted to have kids you know I actually think he would eat. No I don't like other people's kids but I like my kids get out. Like he's even later we should get like a surrogate and like he and I should like you know what they mean Mike mix it together. And then and didn't like it. Then you know whose kid it is it like it's a fine all those with us that would because. Probably kind of obvious because because he's Asian and I'm not in our play only god don't be so much fine. Now all they give about is me and Stephen. What's your husband's name. Jeremy. And what's what's he like. You all around school. And blah and rational. Are aware and believe god. You sagging hand in. Gray tall. He's very. I like talk guys. You all on the app well that's good. Funny yes. Yeah. I'm well back T or an exciting opportunity. Had a do over and done I'm the have you overdone times shares before. You know only seek your trauma to your your own will get full holing it. It's staying married and I am I have for a that you know. OK on or before you go. Let me just tell you something real fast and oh my real name is Gavin and you're on a phone scam on the wake up call 165 the end. We won't scare your best friend Kim told me tit. Scam you because you're right person to telemarketers. What you all are we proved that you meet her wait too long. There are a lot about nothing you reading all of the total long time ago. Let's get some. Email phones gamma.