Gavin's Phone Scam: Wrestling Event 6-20-18

Wednesday, June 20th


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The end. Every morning at age ten and we Uganda consultants can lose what he's given today. I'm gentleman named Greg who works at a local Barnes and his wife or your wife or girlfriend named Kenny. She'd wanted me to call him. And packets he was tired of people calling to make sure that they got paper view events. And L I thought wouldn't it be on the call him and ask him if he's getting the paper view event that does not exist. Like a fake wrestling show. Phone scam. Our. It I I was just to find out if you're gonna get the big wrestling event this weekend. It's a paper. I'll pay for but I mean I'll come and our commander in and watch some watches your place and I'll promise I'll buy food. Were weak get most paper view then I'm not really up to date on all. Although wrestling event up there believe it will probably have it. It's the one that speakers duke the dumpster. It's it's the day he's the title bout there's a bunch of light a little lines but it's duke the dumpster defending his title. Against beef Wellington and it's going to be slick it's gonna be awesome. Yeah well oh. Well what happened we we we always skipped over military and so. Are you Kerry are you Medicare all the pregame fights do book 'cause I don't want to miss them there's the they would the tag team wine. Where it's with sex Berger send. Teaming up finally with Cuba Gooding the third and there are going to have faced off against GI broke. And John the cool dad Crenshaw all. Yet at risk. It took part of the paper view Pakistan will sometimes it's not part of the pay per view package. While I don't know how I would look down. Don't usually include all the matches on the. Not this not this league note nod this line. This is the EC WS being. While Fletcher roads find that out maybe you could. That's probably due to figure out whether that's going to be on. What are. All are the same thing but I wasn't sure if you were again again every installment board the paper view wrestling match. I unmanned. I'm sure we'll have it all over the globe and other installments usually comes just. Are you ought to go out at all so my favorite wrestler is Rich Harden would mahogany. And he is going to call out of retirement. And he's going to faze him mic at the crack in mic cracked him. And it didn't didn't let me a great job and our rock all dark out and they got really amazing. Buckeyes do you do you know you're a hardwood right you know what is aliens. No lawyer so he know he takes his opponent. And then he brings he's highly shellac it's mod Jenny Craig at stake and he hates people in the bag ahead. Until they are passed out op meant cracked. President added it. Already lit related to Phil McCracken. I don't know that when is now all our. Sixth this is no. It and I don't. I don't work to do so little dome Allred I see you you have this you have this paper view books that don't do not want to miss. Or if it's if it's a real thing. Then we're gonna would you all the wrestling pay per view. They Greg can I always something else. This actually Gavin from the wake up call in Europe phone skin. Or yeah you're live the end right now and I your girlfriend Jimmy told me to do this thing. You're lucky to slow group there's no oil and stayed on the phone that long list. I mean I would hope that you don't have a whole lot of people drink and at this time. Oh.