Gavin's Phone Scams: Bounce Houses 4-16-18

Monday, April 16th

Gavin calls a lady and offers her crazy bounce houses for her son's party. 


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65 the end time for Gavin stone scams when he got under par scam. So this little bit different then the bone scans that we normally do and I apologize to the many many people who've already written emailed them asking me a bone scans somebody else. This is not that. This is just an opportunity that I saw right on the tree and I plucked it what I got a voice mail left on my personal cell phone home. It's not like this it. And it's funny and we like about freed pop much help out how witness I read eat when he. Got back and grant. What. Thank you sound like an energy trying to get. I'm Brian and I don't flag company he got out of the wrong number that stray and I thought you know what somebody should probably call upon you back. But instead telling her she dialed the wrong number I ages to make the stress of planning a child's birthday party ten times worse for its. It's always scary. I. I am looking for tiny. Yeah hi this is for a laboratory work with the party supply companies that you called your son's birthday party how are you today. Don't get carried out. Good I I actually work with Brian so I wanted to call and and just run over what you called in your voice on the voicemail for. I haven't patella out. Yes speaking of which on the pulse natural bounce house is no longer available. Four on May 26. I own now they don't popularity. Not for the pop patrol one Nell I'm sorry are you set on that date. Yeah that it. OK well we we have other options on some of them do have slide some of them don't. So. These are some of our lesser popular options but one of these might work for you okay. It so we want it that is the it's usually reserved for. Like older people it's still it is it is still bounce house but it is all black and it is covered in tombstones. And then it has a different options and today. And your forty over and over fifteen. Years seventy you know. You know let it keep treading. So I don't think that in order we are sixty. Really clicked and they you know I don't eat out. OK mom we have our game of throw owners. Themed downtown Los but I do want to tell you had a time that there is nudity involved on on the graphics for that one. You know why. He would say. I'm happy they know. Right we can only try to cover some of that up but it is on the graphic that they police see in call Drago having sex. And you get what you get out and their love making which is a lot of people a lot of adults love that they think it's fun. Yeah I didn't know upload that we're gonna have. Yet ripping it. Yes we do we have. Are trump. I'll tell us it's red and it's shaped like a Red Hat and instead of make America great again it's is make America bounce again. And. How bad I'm awful. Means it will give. Did you not had any kid friendly that happened any canyon like that Alcatel eerie. We have a car is bounce house. Some off I do to tell you that it is not the Pixar cars it is just cars like in general and they're not even like fun cards and it's mostly just like Honda civics. And Toyota camrys just pictures of those and that is. Great no that doesn't sound keeping ticket that all I really don't know what's going on here he's option I. Actually. Airlock. Well I would say that they are are not as popular as some of the ones but yeah they I would. OK well there's no need to mean call. Eight I think it was eighty I and I. It there's really no other Oxley act like back. I have I do have one other option. On and it is our it is our 165 the and bounce counts. Because you were on loan scam right now mining Gavin. On the wake up call 165 the end. We are. Yet you call he chuckled and left me a voicemail on my personal cell phone. And it was a rock number so it would be kind of funny out. So. There. Don't know I got BP well I and then I went. About the legal. But I would I'd call that guy back though because you might lose that apple patrol bounce Els is the parent Eagles fast out.