Gavin's Phone Scams: Dog Saddle 4-25-18

Wednesday, April 25th

Gavin calls a saddlery to try and order a saddle for his dog. 

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It's my weekend. Every morning at 810 gap in his bone scans I would yet today. Critical Parker at the request of his friend Gabe. Parker has a weird job or at least it's weird to me he makes models I didn't know people did that well home. Without giving I don't think there are true and out of in nature I or towards the already had them I don't know. But he you like to do with them Mike rough that's easy done six. It's always. And. Urquhart. Yeah absolutely never occur. Whole bunch of and things on the law but he needs especially can certainly make it. Awesome yeah I I would meeting customs saddle me. Okay. Absolutely you know can you to get psychiatrist from eventually questions. Okay cool approximately what are we looking I don't know where. We had probably like. Maybe like a half. What do you know where where regular electric what are crops to market going like what would go across what the what the sound yeah oh yeah like how they like Red Cross. It would only go like a foot half light but I'm living needed to like the long enough for like child does that does that make sense. Oh absolutely yeah we do we do make you know custom custom for kids so. Actually a case of foot or so we're talking about the deadly cold here some early. No yeah no it's it's smaller than Audi. Mora pony yes. It is like it is like a display like like a fun like a battle statistical in the house or something are. Know what it's gonna be used. OK so we don't look now at full size sources for child. All I'm on a book called pony a miniature word you do a miniature horse drawn. No. Nobody it's her child to ride. Held court. It's not a horse it's this is for our dog but I. Like its battle for horse would probably work at all. No no no no no doubt well orchid dog can't handle. That this is these are made of leather and metal these are heavy you don't lie. Could you not what is much stuff on we don't need to stir up its. Tom what's called the gulf war we don't need that I mean just give them like. But a little hold on to or something and it's not it's army it's side and he's only five years old. You can't he can't ride a dog. Don't turn their that are meant to be written you do you don't. Dude I'm not gonna guess battle for our child righted doll that. Autumn here well versed or excuse me you don't know our dog. Goliath. He's big enough to handle anything in every little. Put the child on the back and Reynolds American accent of course are trying to track. Put our child on the back of him and he falls off which is why we need to saddle. It's for a birthday Hamlisch friends to come over both the kids around forty pounds there's one Q it's like around 65. Those kids. But our dog is it the birdies mountain dog there are sturdy. He's only three years old so. It's before his hips are too bad for it like our last dog bad dog quit on us because there was no longer fun to ride this would just give up. You are writing the first dog until it died. Is an abuse but it didn't abuse I. Or daughters who. Excuse. Sir did dogs love it they can't and stick their tongue out and I believe that is a sign of loving it bird dog. Am I wrong to reassert editor. Heated up yet you yet you are 100% that's assigned. Heeded our shared dongle and iron to prove to prove. With his recruiter everywhere you are abusing dogs this is disgraceful so I'm not gonna make sat no I'm not gonna make that'll according to baker report. Could I get cheaper to at least make him the some like. What do they called like those slacks. Or it's just like your butt in private area are open. You know what no I don't we had a scare that would make us. Now you know I don't like I tried to repulsive overtly pure beauty animals your kid is yours are discussing human what is your name and phone number place. My name and phone number is Gavin from the wake up call and my phone number 766165. You're on the phone scam. OK let them think he has not gonna lately into the back. Your friend gave one to me to do this. It looked up at our accomplishment. That makes sense a way yes recruitment. OK I we have we have we have many animal lovers here at the show and they are applauding you right now just before standing about current dogs. Use so good 030.