Gavin's Phone Scams: Engagement Photos 5-2-18

Wednesday, May 2nd

Gavin calls a women telling her, her engagement photos were sold to be used in ads. 

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Steals to lead of those Taylor Swift tickets sacrament. And those 65 the yet but Candice from less active morning and hi good morning is this Candace. Is canister was sacked. All I can just Canas was second most and. Regulations. We get you paired ticket secede Taylor sway after along with cumulative bail out. Charlie exe exits Friday may eleventh that lead by stadium Lotta people like rain or rain that's those are the Dave Taylor who's gonna be there and she's there on the twelfth and now. Now well almost slow roll percent yes sure. He's so many words it's not the person that rock she's doing to show us what he does say that. What didn't know. Any didn't I say that. I don't know why things happen why they have been I don't now answering my question across the point is do you doing TV shows these are tickets for Friday night show in Santa Clara and leave nice stadium in a Candace you're gonna be at the show congratulations. No. Now on Friday were bringing back Taylor on the attends ten minutes after every hour on Friday starting at 7 AM a pair of tickets Taylor Swift. This Friday starting at 710 on the wake up co. I've meet and. It's a wake up. The ten on the wake up call every morning and you happen this bone scans what's the back story today. We're calling daily today who is engaged to mark. And they'd like everybody else got engagement photos their wedding is scheduled for sometime in October. Market the idea of messing with her. I know keys are you shaking your head I mean over their engagement photos see and what would happen if those engagement photos were sold to advertise something that jury mortified I'm. Phone Sierra. So high it is bailing. Yeah I Bailey this is roll from. What. Studios the people that you and mark just had you or your engagement photos where how are you today. I'm sorry oh I'm I'm fantastic. I'm just calling to let you know as per our contract that we sign we have to let you know if and when we sell our half of the copyright for any of the photos taken. And we're just going to let you know the ES that did indeed happen. I don't play well. You don't have a copyright on our planet. We share copyright that's let the contract states where and when you guys signed it that you don't know. I'm not I'm sorry you all if you don't. Realize that but he did sign a contract. And it states that we both share copyright and you can use the pictures for whatever purpose that you would like and we can use the pictures for whatever purpose we would like. And I. Don't picture. I almost answered those are my pictures are pictures. Yet while we both on the pictures so Tom I'm just going to let you know though that they were indeed sold. It. I was sell to us all the pharmaceutical company they're going to be used in any. This is the national nope this is not mad that a local campaign for. Theft Sri is Alan I think that's the medication. What did you don't so after I actually don't even know hold on 12 let me look it up century zone. The treat gonorrhea. Okay we're one. Believe you you know well we signed a contract it states that contract that we both share. A copyright and we can sell ours for purpose. It doesn't say the word gonorrhea on the ad you would only have to how moderate and what I did. Photographed without gonorrhea about it he's been. You photograph it's why the two do you. Are you upset because you have gonorrhea is that why is hitting to close the hole. Wrong idea how dare you say that main. I just don't know why you would be so upset about this most of the people are dead. I don't I don't I don't. Correct but we took the photos so it's our our New York bases we both share the copyright. Words. You don't think a lot of I don't. Would you rather us use your pictures for a different. Have deferred diplomatic. If I pictures and Abu Ali you. I. Didn't even number four yes he provider gave him a number toward that he even named number after the pharmaceutical company. OK grab them. Thought the phone number is 7661065. Heated area more now I'm once X. Actually when you call that number it's gonna take you straight to 165 the end which is where I actually worked this is Gavin from the wake up call. Radio. Yeah a little prank call is this talk scam. That your your fiance Marc asked me to do. My fiance and my dad coupon on mommy there are certain things you don't want yeah. Something like. That. I expect him. And if you know them and bring him back let me kill me down oh my god. Here's our he'll wait until after the wedding and then you can get some life insurance money out of them okay but a good point at this point think yeah Bailey I'm sorry that I that I have sexual. I. I really big daddy worked at a couple of them have.