Gavin's Phone Scams: Face Cream 4-27-18

Friday, April 27th

Gavin calls a women posing as a representative who calling about a bad review about a face cream. 

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She's still wake up call 1065 the end every morning they Jan it's Gavin stones Guillen was Jewish Gammons today we're all care limp. And I gotta I gotta warn you about this bone scan around so her sister. Said. Drupal on her because she writes negative reviews on Amazon all the time. And big spotlight like. Because she thinks things are our baton or our. What the motivation is what you need to wait for the ending for OPEC may cause a confession happen this hole that nobody was anticipating. I mean it's kind of scandal flock on the. It is always scared. Heidi is Carol. There yet. Caroline. My name is Raul Labrador. And I work for the skin care products doctor George how are you today. Mario. I wish I was better. You posted a negative review on For our skin cream. And I need to know why. All. Loud. It's his skin came out I got was relieved. Eat eat Annan's. Really weird texture and it didn't strawberry dad and it's it's it is their right and might get a pleasant and less than a good product. You need to understand that I am trying so hard right now to hold it together doctored jar has put so many years. Product you took out a mortgage on his whole. Then it could make that come clean with the horrible review for I'm very well. Oh. You mean nothing do you. Short. Clip that you totally terrible review for and gave one star on Amazon got her son. I am very trying to eat Arab light cream. Yeah that's. Yeah it's that house able announce that. Me nor does. It. This is not about me it's not about you know it's about doctor Gerard. And the belt what he has tried to do. A lot of Arab world. Very nice it let it. Spy it's writing it's not it's not about the product by an okay. You. Are correct but we're doing well. That he could I it's did you know that's he'd crawl I. Great luck I'll I'll I'll take it out sorry I didn't realize it from the get absolutely so personally. He came to this country with nothing nothing but a pocket full of cream and he thought. I am going to make the world a better plays with a better standing. The China is slow alarmed. At all. I'll play it by an agent and the like I did they gave it a good morning you are very late to matter. Your ball or another keep the tarmac and the negative review I didn't need it. Hold back saying okay it's urgent but I'll take it down a wall or forget it ever happened okay with not at out of a. The second Yule lie. You put up there. In hopes. That doctored jar would just give you some more or permit. It's an it's not a kind of a great new products now it would have been ninety he got caught fire a lot of our. I mean he's older and when excuse me how do you sleep at night you'll meet. Now with untruthful and that would mean and you're never gonna get a free product got a bus. I don't sprain Utley right. I don't think hello. Are you still there. Yeah OK good I was were a large for a second it's actually govern from the wake up call on 165 the end your opponent scam when are you here. Yeah yeah and you admitted to lying. On am as opposed to try to get free stuff from cup this is true. I got I'm not the only Britain and the world but now that I'm it's been a pain about it Saturday. Well why Powell KON. You know what we have to this was George sister and she did it just because she got to be funny sure but we get like your confession out of view. At a unique blue man.