Gavin's Phone Scams: Lost & Found 4-12-18

Monday, April 16th

Gavin calls a 24-hour resturant to ask if they have items he lost while drunk in their Lost & Found. 


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Six by the end of. And rain it's the way. Never in my age and we do get in his bone scans until we scam and today vertical Crist he is he works at a 24 hour restaurant in the area and kind and his remain Doug said to mess with him at work. Because the heat stealing drugs. So I call up and out of the drunk. But as somebody who was there are drunk. And I and I left some things behind us. It's always. So wonderful day thank you for calling the good brittney how can help you. Hi is there a manager on duty. I sure let me get them for you. It's. Illusionist Criss are an appeal. Hi my role and I would is at. The other night and it was it was late and I was. It was really drunk and I left some things there and I was wondering if if you can check your lost and found for some of these items. Yes I need to what are what are you missing. Austin Austin thank you on the first thing I lost with a pack of of jerky. You're out of like not only are the moose jerky. Are you know I don't believe we have a new Mercer. Right that's right on I else a bag of oranges. Orange is and I am not aware in any oranges and orange relate orange okay oranges now okay. You know what about Tom there was little zip lock bag of Lego heads who says the heads of Lego characters. Notice there's another right here. I am striking out I lost. This is it was a book this is important there was a book of American forty temporary tattoos show Rick importing. They're temporary tattoos and the whole book of them. Yeah not I would have noticed Latin I'm I'm I'm not I'm not anywhere are you just checked. Non I'm look at your watch now and it's mostly just boxed straight front and gloves. Oh yeah I'm is there isn't it in that box is there Tom. Is there a make America great again baby dead. You know to read our nobody in oh. It's a photo of the baby it's the baby boy it's action that it's really valuable and I hope that you have its autographed by Frankie new Nantz. No I'm pretty sure I would have noticed something like that and it's. Not here. He was agent Cody banks. I'm I'm aware of Brad immunity it but noted no grass here. OK I bought that photograph on eBay though and supposedly that is a picture of him as a baby boy. And I had him sign it and I at his book signing. I gotta say I don't think there's any of the item you're missing we have here. It was the only place that I went that night. Was there. And then the train station in the in the train and then I went to another bar and then from there I walked around the capital for awhile and I fell asleep. Outside so but this that this is the only place I can think of though that would would still have us think eat on my of my drinking green has baby boy and photographs autographs. I don't and I got they were were very busy right now. And you know I would check with you betraying. You got don't give up its government in the wake up call all one has expired the ND your opponent's skin. What are. All I'm so sorry did bone scan you while your work of you really are busy. But it was all the idea of buy your roommate died. Oh okay. You know and I don't know trackside. I. So you guys both listening and that if you ever wanna get dug back living well Iberia question.