Gavin's Phone Scams: Naked In Apartment 5-16-18

Wednesday, May 16th

Gavin calls a woman informing her that people are complaining about her walking in front of her windows naked. 


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And rainy it's the wake of car. Every morning getting ten that we do get this phone scams the simpler Gavin Meeks phone scam prank phone calls me gold today. Courtney at the behest of her boyfriend Tony. Who says. Micro for and needs to be. Ranked. She's very private person so I thought the perfect way to prank a private person here. It is always. Going. All eyes Courtney. It says it. Hi this role Labrador I'm calling from the property management company four apartment how are you. That's been fantastic we are following up with these series. And I just wanted to let you know that this is something that we are aware of and there are actions that are going to be taken. What are you. Why what do you want it made several like a quiet achiever ever an overture party. Oh it's not about noise whatsoever. It's about. You and your windows. And several people have complained that you are naked in front of your windows and it is to the point where it is disturbing. Or high who. Earned. That. Aren't. A little op I'm not. What we're naked all the time and you are you ever make me feel like. Sure like after the shallow lip Emory air app it is cheap aren't buying it. If you are naked at any point throughout the day it is very possible that this is yeah. The complaints are. That you walk around your apartment naked but also that you do your exercise is making it. I don't know if it's if I like. Now you've got what on earth then that's not me on exercise ever. Do you but not naked and not in my apartment I like him. It's like yoga do you do yoga do you stretch. Right. And the wall and what this could be you know make I'll read I'll read their official report right here it says. That he neat kid a woman Caucasian. On the first floor of apartments. Has been stretching. Doing jumping jacks and eating food aggressively. All this is meant it will in the end you children do you have children Kourtney and that's where we really have to step in. And and hope frankly do something about it now we don't have grounds to claw eight. It's not me though I don't I don't do those things make it. I think the only criminal ever naked in my apartment is great when they get out of the shower and then blow dry my hair and it. You hot just like we're closed public during my hair like that and enact in my bathroom the bathroom window don't even speak. Like the street today the street side and the rest of the complex which so. Somebody's name you or me. Somebody's seeing you and children are seeing you and we don't have enough. To file an eviction. But we do have enough to start putting a warning poster for a warning people. This woman is make it person she's like. Yeah along a sir you have. If you were on her same. Name Courtney. Yeah backswing and I'm not doing those staying are you aren't. I. Now no I'm not. Ul. Although I guess I have the wrong person that got out of this is real my name's Gabby I'm in the wake up call 1065 the end didn't viewer phone scam. And the. Well you have to thank your boyfriend Tony that this phone scam OK it was his idea. Aaron yeah. And let him Max and me but what really.