Gavin's Phone Scams: Oral Dentist 5-18-18

Friday, May 18th

Gavin calls a lady who is scared of going to the dentist so he checks her teeth over the phone. 

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1065 PM. I am sorry it's the way Jim. They're mining and AT and we do Gavin this phone scams s.'s were Gavin makes prank phone calls to unsuspecting victims who you calling now. I emailed me and told me that is like Samantha is scared of the dentist and she has not been in a really really long time. So I started thinking of like ways that I could use that term fund scam and I honestly thought. There's no way this is gonna work there's no way somebody's going to believe that a dentist can call you on the phone and check your teeth over the found. Man I'm happy Smith is gullible. Phone scam. I am looking for Samantha and I Samantha my name is doctor Raul Labrador and your husband gave me your phone number said that I needed to give you call. You have fear of going to the dentist you haven't been to the dentist a long time is that correct. Me what that's like your husband actually purchased this time on the very. Specialized dentist that is able to do dental exams over the phone. I understand a lot of people are scared to go to the dentist so it's a very normal fear him and our service is the way to get people over that beer and still get a dental exam he's already paid for so. I mean might as well right. I can't admit like Erik based. I want to continue like out of the blurred and that great. No I actually I've been trained it to oral Lee here for cavities and plaque build up and damaged pockets and what not so I can actually do it over the phone however I need to know why and what kind of phone you have. And two I'm gonna need you to get your own close to your teeth closer than it is right now. And as soon as we do that we can start to examine I can I can give you my evaluation OK personal what kind of phone do you have. I don't six OK that's all I really need to denotes to gecko a year so can you please put your phone in your mouth. You surely. I mean I'm a doctor. Warren. Okay is the authority announced. By the way at any point you have to drool please think the phone out of your mouth. Spit and then put the phone back in OK oh all right is the phone please upper down right now. Well. Jared black. Wow down okay at this point I need you to make some sort of home with your throat. Long. Yeah okay I you know yeah okay thank you very much Samantha there is a little bit of a problem. I am hearing cavity in the third Muller on the upper side of your left so let's go back again let's take a look at the right side OK and 123. And there you. Are lending. That looks good and that's fine. Outside looks line not registered jaw spit if you have 20 he's doing okay so far is everything fine. Yeah I aides are right and here we go back game. And 123. Your phone in your mouth all out okay all right and home for three. All oh boy okay. One more time. All right you know it's gonna let go ahead to the fun out for a second instead of the home this time I'm gonna need you to make some other noise a higher pitched noise at possible. I'm hearing a problem I just wanna make sure that I get it right or cable phone back in your mouth 123. And. I. Higher pitch please. All right thank you take it out you definitely have you definitely needed deep cleaning on that side okay. You've got some pocket damage it's something that we can't take care of but that is definitely going to have to be done with Bluetooth technology as you're gonna have to do yourself okay. Let's scheduling you for that time OK how does. How does 1065. Sound AM. What you're on the radio here actually wanna 65 the end. What. I guess. Wake up call and your scam your husband Hank really did just need to do this he is thin as well yeah. Yeah. Did you think you look like you're doing something for real re just like playing along with with like black dentist. And I won't be a very gullible we're not following you're doing real I mean I don't know a lot about acknowledged he had. Like man that's good apple is everything.