Gavin's Phone Scams: Sign Guy 4-20-18

Friday, April 20th

Gavin calls a guy planning his office BBQ posing as a sign maker who can't spell. 


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106 IBM. And rain its going get. Everyday at age ten in the wake up call it's Gavin stone scam us who we stamina back. We're gonna call Kyle I legitimately had a hard time keeping it together for this one really for those making myself. Okay heat is put in charge of his company's Memorial Day barbecue. So his boss Monica emailed me he gave me the phone number in the company's that they want to get some vital signs made further barbecue open. So I call from sign company. But I have a colossal hurdle in my life but I just can't seem to get over here. This always and. Hello hi is this Kyle yeah Kyle throw Labrador returning your phone call for. Oh yeah thank you so much for getting back to me how are you. I'm fine I'm fine Steve got a big event coming up that she need us the makes them bioscience for. Yeah that my officer doing Memorial Day Arctic units wanted to view big signs to hang up around the office liberal notes what. Fine Alex Alex finds a Rio we're talking about we're or an oval or signs not a problem at all OK we got plenty time. The visa this smoked for Memorial Day right. Yes sir great okay what's the first signs say. All the personal we're gonna have a don't Booth outside at in the and backyard of the office there are so does the personal decision don't bloopers they bought putters. There I wanna go over the spelling and make sure that we get it right okay. So dunk Booth SPU. And K. BR. OTH. Correct. That don't boo. Do you and KB OT age. What I am what I spelt. It's all brawl so. DL and dog yeah you and you had an umbrella and as a Nancy K and into anger right. And no BO OP HOK guys OK the move was an exciting. The second side justice Ruth. Okay. And then again to go over the spelling for that. PH UDE. Right. No. We just never know how people want things spelled out so where we just make sure that we're doing it right how would you like it's spelled. I was Williams well leave the English American way and no PH it's apt or do you bet I'll click. And so I'll load the conflict and on dozens threatening at this frank right what's the Iowa's the third sign. That third line is now how so bored again and it didn't it was an OK I don't know I got. Be sure you got app be our mural. And CH. HO. SE. Bounce house. Now that you do you just spelled brunch hope. It's okay we'll close. An email you write email you year. Why is okay that they don't be so helpful but 'cause this in all honesty. It's a really hard job for someone like me. Well who do who doesn't have basic spelling skills yeah I would imagine. I don't have any spelling skills not even basic lines. I get close though I get pretty close what are you want to last signed it today. I think new logo too much really approval longest side of the ball and I don't know. If you're sure you wanna hear. Well I mean I can let me just take your shot about it. Are you ready you Memorial. Day. BDQ. You know just email me okay. Yes I'm going to email you roll our let me give you my email. Aren't what is your email grow. Our. Oh. Oh. Al. Com. He and over and. Am. That. I can't do that he won't. That trial it's Gavin in the wake up call one of those expire at the end you're on the phone scam of the. Still I think that something like this in your older all very. I am. Threw for making basically giving her making my work day to day Morgan enjoyable. Oh Monica. You know who actually put me. We have to this was your Bausch and Monica. A ball deep. I'll get Monica you thinkers you're. That pact. Men thank you so much overtaken part being a good sport about it good luck with your barbecue. Thank you they don't play you as well. I'll I will knock.