#girlproblems 06-23-16

Thursday, June 23rd

Steffanni joins The Wake up Call once more to chat about Sephora, fashion for Beyonce and more! #GirlProblems


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So wake up call 1079 the and we're gonna get to Stephanie in just a minute here for hash tag girl problems if you've never heard of Stephanie is a delight and you'll enjoy it and says a second. Here I want a 79 me and and Katie we have our guest she's. Here here's C and it. Basically. It's how big selling good bringing out so good. Is it true a year your other job at that that's how you greet everyone when you walk into work right and you were gonna pediatricians office. I used to work politician's office. They hired me for Sandburg greetings people to. As Dave said. For a couple of days so where you are now. Well I IE all I have one job at this stage in the agricultural department. Johnson wasted my life anyway. Her but guys I am better than Mac and OK but but I mean the benefit my other job I'm not include the got smoked a law yet I know I am I meth and then meant that they should end. I'm working to be common and that's the case and Juliet as to do you should know. I that's the Tyson redeeming an anesthesiologist know Arafat had asked if this didn't end right. Somebody I texted into 7339 mind and they thought they saw you working it's a forum but don't you just hang out there's so much that people think you're the consult. That this that is correct I'll parents had no official on I try to I have applied it's a 417. Times you keep calling it some poor. Right. So polarized. And I. All right so every year you go through Twitter etc. you know you're you're set I'm on Twitter by the way you could follow me at Stephanie 1079. That as TE at at eight and and I wanna 79 I we all day two days Thursday 722 which is what time it is now. Hash tag girl problems the best and SS tegra roms from footer step duty yet. Your mind will always believe everything you tell it. Feet faith feed it truth feed it with love staying fabulous. Hash tag blessed this Max. Hash tag now masthead. Nice as takes girl problems perfect. Love it as agro problems on the way to go. It's really a fleet though. Just try to get my hand dug them highly cosmetics. They say all ten seconds. Sag really neat. 'cause died what a crock a little kitten. And I had to tag girl problems. Didn't. Boomers figure out problems all the way to go all stepping. Weighing in jeans come out of the dryer and you have to do a little dance to get them online news hash tags you think you can put on pants. And thinking can you pass tag dressing with this is not my. I'm not grown problem mine I might add bite is sort of beloved because then you feel like your genes are contained anymore oh now I feel fat. Well if you said I feel bat and then I scream at the dryer scream at the dryer. You know. I'm not bad what do you got me. Aides think could you say that while I kick them all out first right. I think as I had a guy in the driest in the gun. The lately and it Al d'antoni but I. General from them awaited colosseum conference. Predicament for the beyoncé shall do I go casual or dressy. Once she brings me up on stage. Hash tag. Has tagged next warm spaces. I say girl problem knocked. No oh my god. Oh she didn't. Yes she is in beautiful and that stagger around in time for one more step in and out right B. Let's dig it out of ten need a band aid when saving are just war. A woman who I didn't catch tag. House drag (%expletive) to try and what I said I'm proud. I mean the clues. On Tuesday next week we'll see again you'll see me again at 722. Hedged agro problems Tuesdays and Thursdays here on the wake up golf.