#GirlProblems 11-21-17

Tuesday, November 21st

Steffanni is back to share more #GirlProblems


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Yeah she's bags. Seven days Kieran has girl problems anomalies and called Bob and I've. Demo that led. To its. Let me say they believe that your year ten what are you. You input Thanksgiving. I'll print then give Maine that's the great questioned yeah. First thing I'm good bill. Is that gonna play a key. And the good news did there are so many rounds you'd yet and still are at the groceries milk free turkeys. And. I'm gonna take all right well tell like somewhere implied county OK maybe broad bell. Well. If you. Monkey king and they need to stick that come out and maybe dangerous and then I'm gonna apply Terry Keenan and they're everywhere and they're free I can irrational. Know you've strangle it. I have a weapon and now that's only for the best and then I you've taken bad and you could not okay. None I think. There's a lot of legality it's I get really don't think that's legal I do not think good save. None it does sound like something you never download or is that a good three big. Well and their parents iPad. Maggie good form the comment I then. On the hunt then. Yeah. I felt everything. I didn't kill anything I mean yeah yeah state meet killed no I don't invent an ad has fanned out. And I'm not only is. If you see somebody do dump these dash to meet you know I don't know all we are well talked about it real fast do you have any time in Disneyland. Death. Yes what was your favorite part well my favorite part was when I got a check but dialogue that I lost my job week and then. I come back up here. Well. You largest. Pretending to work in Disneyland the light empty trash is yes and I got I got paid to hack. So I guess they are and then I had to get back here. Does it the fun though are a part of that would betraying my day article the bulk. Of hot. Lava. It wasn't blocking and that would block Monday. And the kindness of strangers. And that is why does through the season. I think feed them of giving I have to go problems on the way good comedy SF and. Eight mile an ever find a washing machine murder bro. Yeah sure you give me you tell her she's so well and you. I'm wrong hash tag gentle cycle flight oh has sagged like urgent. Hash tag girl problem this is why he should wash your broadens your brow ours in this thing I EG Washington think. You said but like and I like like a truck stop. They have some great felt. Did smell like cinnamon and hope. That your is that a fact that the fact I'll try it. I mean very many truck stops so you have now they're very nice what's nice about my favorite part. I like the company of of the people who work there and although the company of men and yes I did it mostly master. Okay and when they feel lady what do what rob little. They say. As a lady and I. I really go soccer. Parent. I think and I has signal problems elegant golf. We in the bathroom of the club for the time and that one thing how. Bad food what does this mean. Pass tag and each got a pass I got me club. Would it. Has dragged her all problems happy and really very club. Now I have you have a Dell yeah. Think you're going have been a good. Eight and things just stop making the flight they do outside the club day I call that club youths. Oh my god like that guides TO now we. You're just good girl you don't cookie and clapped yeah. Do you know lead that it did a great named her clot and clubs fumes I mean maybe you should quit just eat and become. I love on them from Newark to. Cool so I sure did and that could just live and that Afghan. I don't know how to start that I. All I'm sure there's some tutorials online you can look up. That's a good idea huh YouTube how but it caught in a note saying goes those aren't I lasts what has signaled problems on Lincoln called. I find. It around mouth and on my clothes. Honestly don't know how I happen any minute to us tag she said. Has ten. I'll be well again now. I snagged a problem. I was at Edmonton they yell yeah. Yeah. We have done. CNN. Anchor a problem yeah Geary and let me know that I. Don't whine oh boy but hey you know how did you and I get it. And I got mad bad. It's bad. Guys and get. IE. Next on the wake up call.