#GirlProblems 4-20-17

Thursday, April 20th

Steffanni returns to the Wake Up Call to share some of her favorite #GirlProblems that she discovered on Twitter:



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It's the wakeup call one 65 the and then on Tuesdays on Thursday as sixers a 720. Time is now. We have a special gas and. He's here. And media and bureau problems. And yet. Omar. Meetings and cameo. He's beating he's a kid you know I can't believe he either can be here did you used to meet pregnancy. Old cut. OK I found it either yes or no other kind of look around. That sometimes. People leave their Easter egg. Lay around. In their yard alone and I walked either Howell. All my. Home right and I them. And I think oh they forgot them the light they wanted to know no I think those are a left many Easter Bunny for kids her cat. There's no waiting now. I mean you do when you do like isn't. Well it wasn't as to whether this past Sunday yeah and we know him. I will I thought your would've gotten them by now but I think that like 7 AM yeah. It seems seems plausible idea you I'd be right key you weren't crying. I don't know you yet and she never said it was her neighborhood either no. Or neighbor OK okay I got itself you're here for hash tag girl problems not hash tags and kids and eastern problems is. We know what those are now no legs. I what do you after Tuesday asked for my Twitter. Does she. The word quit the disposable blade there and is now up next. This turn round. Hash tag bad weren't playing. Jag how to explain that. Hash tag girl problems. I not done Leno but I can't tell you I have wanted to do it kind. His first saw reason sometimes you're like only could I can concentrate my legs are so frankly death and sometimes you have to do because you don't have a home. I've done that well I can't do that. We take you you put my god didn't think it worked private bathroom rang the door I'm. Don't let goblins. And then I have very hairy legs if you go I you have to I use a lot it's still a lot of water. Yeah didn't get saving green now no now and then what I do sometime Booth I old cliche about 29 me. Hey look guys I it's hard to get the water and go up to might die in opera by any sort of personal information but again we've prime on the next one a. Hey Aaron you're very hairy what are they doing that boundary I know and all love it and I throw it in the just can't and that I lay up Ebert column probably nobody feet like a blanket in my head hair that's the spot on here. How come it's yeah it's nice and turn nice it is Langston. And then you have very smooth lights from the knee down I don't. Earned little flourish here now is everybody okay just for the job you want. I can't doesn't really relevant for doctor look at okay ancestral. Hash tag girl problems here in the wake of golf. Packing to go all play and dialogue record presents that I packed both. And not upload the same time and hash tag vacation that you waged in boot hash tag. Because I can. And I just drag girl problem though we've been adds one girl prom I can actually personally relate to fly over packed my dad like you know. Can't you know why sometimes you wonder a lot of constant changes when you're on vacation yeah and a there really is no worse feeling than it will limit the worst feeling like when you don't have a home you have to shape Ryan and then think there were and I. When you are like. Oh my god I don't have blamed her college and are here and I was expecting and senate said I'm going through this ongoing and vacationed true. Don't really. You know it's important. I have a friend. Then it's that I can stay with them. Yeah it's nice but really it's not here and make HI. RNA. Well he's got another day and prove that he went on at the time I demand. And I mean you found manpower. Or didn't work out for you dating care regulators say he Abbie I demand out. And they did not mean one frightened you know who got so many areas never know one more hope and a way to signal problems on the way to go. Did any at the only Dan I let myself eat pot brownies because the color green hash tag. And the kind of tag fatty alone. Had a problem. He did yeah yeah. I don't see it Tuesday.