#GirlProblems 7-21-16

Thursday, July 21st

Steffanni joins the Wake Up Call again to share some more #girlproblems that she found on Twitter...


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1079. The and in me to welcome our special guest to the studio good morning Stephanie. Oh you are on the 1 today I am all kid did. I don't hear a different every week you just coming here full assassin pulled energy you know like how much coffee. Just all been thrilled. Makes you one wired Bihac I am wrong and heat you are on him it's a passionate girl problems in the best of the best. Earl problems from Twitter. As red nice Steffi will be performing live. At wake up call lie that. That's right it's wake up call alliance signs any featuring the wake up call. I can't wait three years ago what we are even now yes I do know how can laugh well I saw. What I said at the groove where this same clothes big cabin where the shells exceed that I assume. Clothes and oh yeah but I thought about it and I NN I thought it. I should show off my year of cool aren't so I'm going to Wear the tightest dress like him fine perfect. Yeah don't tell people feared she got home who would cheat. That's something that how it appears if you Wear a short tight dress and the like sitting on store in short. You're right you said sure but I Jared dirty flat. If you wanna join us we would love to have you be part of our next wake up call live show it's a show. It's at the radio show but on their no music and I can't answer and I censored yes and depending maybe agent about that I have no idea who. I should go pro I hope that doesn't happen does that make you might want refunds at I tech sort lied LIV is 73389. Lives to 73389 text veterans may apply need to link to buy tickets and don't wait is last in the social out. And beef and before that soil as well and I had several problems Stephanie what do you got. Trying to figure out an outfit for a bachelorette party it's hard. But weren't fit to hash tag. Hash tag team is true for all. Fastow had problems and did you ever been a bachelorette party I believed that couple oh my god don't let them to me why me why. Somebody that doesn't get invited looking. It's so guide. If I ever get married you can come to my bats or don't they and they well know if it's the decision you're yet dead sons. It's has stagger out problems on the way to call the. Why are freaking out of gave us. Stag why don't I found 'cause stagnant. Mind. Dragged girl problems. Folks inside of your building your life what that you like it hasn't been shot shank redemption. I cannot. Eke out it took us you know. Is run you. I I Wear one. It's complicated. One sided the tripled Dino day the other side. Is the beam mine BUUK and you would you should see a doctor I should see a doctor but I don't have insurance. I. Yeah. Yeah no. I would look at that as well I will. Is it right is this like with the state of California or is it in and is state job. Is she works for the department are going. Do that's one of my job well no health insurance we keep them off the land probably got right back Obama carnation. Has set your own problems rusty get. When you realized you forgot this game behind your needs I get and how parents George and tag and I don't care. 'cause Craig Perry needs look at these. Do you don't know hash tag Carol prob know a nice the and. All eight year Harry's big nasty cute but did you go shower hash tag. Should. Hash tag blessed this math and hash tag girl problem Aaron for you don't want and need. Doesn't matter if I'm in I'm Manny detonated a rash that is at this point it is. Let's sweater last when we get to number one more ash tegra problems on the way to call. No both literally I have like ten layers that can feel Iran. And I still look like I haven't slowed opening days and hash tag look like trump. How I me I hash tag wake up make up hash tag girl problems. And it gaga like I stagger I'll probably get you'll see a lot of uses Daffy live. And I wake up call live text lied to geared to Vegas is 73389.