#GirlProblems 9-12-17

Tuesday, September 12th

Steffanni is back to share some #GirlProblems that she found on Twitter:


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And days in Thursday's on the wake up call has dead girl problems and. Bonds that back you I know you know yeah oh yeah and the little I'll let me. They yeah. I don't know you that do not do that line. Partly is because that is not appropriate yeah. On age appropriate feminism and film that's sad yeah calling you from the bonds as how I feel so it got hot yeah. Little puppy if you average teen I could tell I was going on do you have a diamond the other. I did say that until six all can you don't think so I don't think that we'd not confirmed well. Yes I do VI UD company and I have done a Barry Bonds can no new album and New England well do you want me. Once you don't why have a long talk with you I you know. Got another I have another baby yeah. I can pretend that B and mini film time and hold it could take a picture with me and a baby and then they wonder how I spent one day catch. How do you ever beatings that however be yes yeah thank you like think they're certified now. We're all god I could probably figure it out there at the press up well that's a bull. How about the chant is push on the billion men and everything the BRI both hasn't really little and I laugh about it OK. As far as had they broke. Bob Dylan yeah. Here and front line. Lot of second Jean jacket I have yet to where the line and I have. But belt they need Babineaux. Last night doubled. Thank Jean yeah Tanguay. Pass and I girl. Problem. Struggle with Jean jackets and I'll tell you know I haven't. A big back Friday per gallon rise and I do not like to feel confined in a long sleeve anything. So all. In all. I just it's. Let me get my arms former caddie tried shopping like Men's Wearhouse clergy got it they may very large. Chest. Jack. Abby try and no I have not just give it sure did she had met her belief okay if not totally irrelevant coat back. Jury I feel a little up and why that you think I'm big enough to go shop the men's Wear you said big back. I think big back not may entice back. Alone OK so I'm moving on com and again I by the way it did Jean jackets come back. It felt like. They were out for a long time and now we're coming back what with the question when they come back yet Jean yeah. Or he's 2015 and I didn't see that they are you thinking unlike. Beads as old ladies Wear patches and stuff on your no absolutely not. Just regular Jean jackets can now in tuxedo well yeah in time no big outdoor out. I had one when I was in school good time talking about it wasn't my dad's old I didn't have patches on it there's at least. Anyway would you like to continue gas hash tag go drums and what the golf clothes. My parents all all of that though Lee the mile and then price tag all. That how. How snagged shipbuilder. And that has no problem you know you are not. Basic. The fall down sometimes. I went through a period were minor with flowing out. All hot leg and then like I Mon night period MI here at thawing out who and then it turned out. I would not the shampoo know what where you use and we as. It's not very here and I thought. This ever that we show our eggs that you may instead because I cannot read very well and I thought bubbles on the label I he had an RG. And as I was putting your god I thought did the eagle now abandoning. I didn't recanted dimmed almost all go out. Yeah me. And glass said to be able large head. It all back gap did all right last one has signal comes in the wake of golf when the tackle on your leg turned out to be at why America and not follow him there hash tag. I I. Pass tag I he'd meet all hash tag no problem. Arafat speaking about all side. Communicate on it and. And. They of them does gonna ask bigger you and begin to pumpkin spice latte as we asked earlier last week yeah amen isolated. Confirm and I think he had with the death. The answer is yes yeah. Hey dude yeah. A guy and has no problems. That's. The German and I'm not. Yeah. He's what's next on the wake up call.