#GirlProblems 9-26-17

Tuesday, September 26th

Steffanni is back to share some #GirlProblems that she found on Twitter:


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From. Dude Jason did occasionally good calls Stephanie is here hash tag drove home on the fact that it. Michigan's. Eleven. Hello all I did this are you okay you. Yes I won't be and why is this is the entered Cole just your standard glove around and around. The way that bad yeah. Tended cattle are you treating yourself. Biggio and easy get an orange right and you com you that they. Okay dad and I have a greater numbers tell. I can't I would pick up a bunch of rock flop of the glad long haul and day and their Bradley earned you're on home. And then little piece through them orange and none ride should thank all named you might permit I and then. And you mix that together with a little bit dot com of the Lil bit of glad. And they asked leg eleven that's. What ever kind of grabs. Like global on the ground and let him go up on the ground now well. Then no. Thank you leaded. And I. It. Weren't so you don't lick it and there it is just love. Did kids aren't shaving in the end lot. Analog around it black. And then you drink it. No good. Okay hello. Well on Tuesdays and Thursdays try it would yeah yeah okay would you. And a present Stephanie comes in here and gives us the best from Twitter we caught hash tag girl problems and low income calling up. It's really hard to find the guy did eight. Where you are pretty early but look at what he wine. Hash tag don't pay until May. Hash tag moisture cream attracts fifteen. Hats I internal problems you know I do moisture has not on my faith. Every night mean to come that. Wrinkles and boom since I was 24 years old righty I have not been hit on by eighteen in the ever I have number and he had a ninety right yeah. On something when I was a teen does it make you whole ugly dude yeah and thought I bit lazy by not. Well let me tell you somebody who had even seen. Aides do not want to wait wait did you dated tee when I was sixteen. K okay I got it. I needed keen to share your. How worried that I felt the data that team last year but I thought it to me. It's donated has girl problems elegant car. Am not only did I think goodbye I made a pretty little liar but now she. Well life secretly watch yeah owl hash tag bad TV print media as hash tag trashy show low. How is a problem. Any you have thousands get the sweet thank you know you're just lucky. Yeah it under the let our death. I digress. I have cracked the ninety ask that they got it now they get out over the Aaron they did this not a. There it is again and then. I can already feel my hope to get better. Try and I did a I less what has tegra problems following the call can't find my law. And that's my fifth pair who this guy is bigger than mean. Hash tag 15 turned. How snag we brown others. And snagged a problem me. Mayor of putting your thumbs under your arm pins that Murray abroad Brian Rangel how all this. Talk about how well. You grabbed the heat today thank you here on CNN that you. I don't see that you're on their shore by some of you feel better after you got problems on an adult. Does not. Yet. And Jim is that. Clinton's. Had fun. Of them. Except ninety wake up call.