Golf Balls in Hash Browns

Tuesday, April 25th

The greatest recall ever! Hash browns were recently recalled because when the potatoes were harvested, golf balls were also harvested. Take a listen as the Wake Up Call discusses this crazy recall:

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Oh. And a big idea. Here you have before you practice this morning news shows this segment because something weird going on. And it involves as tragic as I hash browns opinions like one of those things everybody right this is the greatest recall ever. It is only if you're not currently eating a hash brown why you're reading the headline which happened to me over the weekend my own. I am today than I don't think that I know that Jay Guy I don't think they have these brands I know. It is specific plan but that headline alert big Democrats might go to over the weekend. Supply brands and just said it's not I would ask fretted that it. Us on this morning Yuma lettuce stop because you might be eating. Golf balls. And apparently. Somehow. They think the frozen hash browns come and may contain pieces of golf balls that win the potatoes. Were harvested they inadvertently. Also harvested golf balls didn't know they also grew in the potato patch Obama got so worried they're just golf balls being hit in the video pads we yeah. And gas and then and then they would have a machine come through rallies and then till all the potatoes but guess what we share on now analysts sharp you know machines can't figure around half what to detail don't let the golf ball. How does a good point and and the machines like men and small details big ticket is the intra day. Good days okay does is something that is probably going to be considered controversial no boy I. I hope the senate with a story about how you win a golf ball and it wasn't so bad there but also. Balls they're hash brown. Know what I say and there are a lot of things. Lie foods to get recalled and there are a lot of things found in fruit. Of all the things we've talked about and I had to eat something that that would be recalled the I sure do wish you would be golf balls than almost any other store. Are we talked about new SharePoint they're gonna in the rob yeah it's not a leg and humans higher fat. And now something that your body may or may not be able to digest aren't sure probably can't digest solid golf ball is very least might not be too fun to pass to tight it was publics of these golf balls in the kids all got mixed up so when they chop them up. The golf balls had the same shape as the hash brown pieces right it was Chevron sliced like puzzle weird piece of hash browns and the media to frat I had a golf ball it. It has inconsistency it's it's not that I'm just something yeah now yes and end. Are being paid to say this and there are probably. Not glad that I will say that oh boy. They now can we did that. Even a minute and these are you can't say what everybody does say there. Any in the area knows about top golf 'cause surprise the dead people don't eat more golf ball top golf will know why they have food yeah. And they have golf cat so I went about. That it happened a lot I have tried to hit a golf ball on the third level and it has just rolled right off the edge now when it rolled all the. The judge I see word goes right the film that may be your fault to the level well below me donate then maybe somebody's trying to hug and Cobb salad. And they go all my favorite part of the dogs now what is the hard boiled nag. All my golf ball in the stunning I I. Don't really live again in would you you know hard boiled egg hole. OK now I know you're thinking yeah they would be I don't be able to say that it's a golf ball not a hard boiled down. What if they're blind and I don't know some big big big line feel that at the golf ball and why isn't Clinton got home alone here all the delicious fruit okay they have no hands so the caretaker. And softball. This far old. Thought it's not that far vengeance and bounds of good big balanced yeah land and the blind him as a person. Delicious cup down the top golf right to their caretaker who never really like them to begin let me I didn't you think we're using the word care very let's play. Not out and just shoved it into the person's mouth. This much sooner or. Over their job they are gold ball right we get all agreed that we're surprised that this doesn't happen more. Oh yeah yeah yeah I know I hear it better than my my yeah. Top guy goes to great lengths to ensure golf balls don't get me a full uncut heart. Well. We'll probably not the harm you know I there I knew exactly Mike is yeah. You're like and it's not all of top go all right great property and they did Uighurs are good at the full of them Al bared hair again. Heard in this hypothetical situation doesn't happen more often. Oh yeah day around 1000. Wake up call 16 by the end.