Grasshopper Attack

Wednesday, March 30th

What is your biggest fear? Gavin hates grasshoppers! This morning on his way to work a grasshopper jumped into his car and chaos ensued...


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Yeah. It was almost a tragic start. This morning for Gavin we are now always in the right before he got here you were almost a major car accident. I know for a non typical reason someone didn't just cut you off or run a lie a pennant drive and work. I'm listening music to be bopping along is just you being you know me being me. And right in my field of vision from the depths of hell. The grasshopper jump on the my windshield. On the inside my our law and my car how this because you see something like that need help. And then split second your brain goes it's all right body it's on the outside of the car your protected by glass shot that's improved you'll be just fine. And then I see. The contours of the shadow and the way that it's clean somehow to the glass. And that I saw it I know looking at me. I said. That beast is on the inside I am and the kids with that call is coming from inside out the last guy on that literally makes my stomach turn. Still soaring then how did you just thank you it's funny but I think they're been furious and I did Jason you're telling me that if this. Creature from how creature okay how air off all the villain from bugs life. And not and I mean very serious. Campus and they are. Horrible. Grass hopper and for the record then I'm very happy he didn't get your car accident and I've had to happen before we're like. A mall thorough in impact at NB in my car and that's Tara finally got in sting you buy a grasshopper you know luck grass not know until these are basic they did the same time it's like it's our meat outside and I'll admit. I'm not a negative mindset when jumping no look I gotten. That ideology grasshopper right swatted away borer why my. You. Oh god to. Give them access to skilled you know. I had death waste I'm not gonna Google which would be easy way to handle this might have I live my employees have I don't I. Haven't lived my whole life being comfortable around these evil creatures not realizing that they kill people grasshoppers are dangerous do they do they jump in your eyes meet your rivals you all know here like they are different than other drugs they jump which thanks them. Unpredictable. They can come. You up and they deal. Think. Doesn't wanna get away from you hopper's Biddle comic Ponzi at your ass show I think you're they might. Scrap robbery you're the big hue and yeah this Kearney. No and then right now. There's more messages that now they've got to hidden talents grasshoppers can also I think fly and they have real. Just couldn't get you from any angle you aren't safe. On the ground Indy and she wherever you go why your sleep liar awake. The safety bureau are like a baby. Honor can we just talk about they can pick locks apparently because how in the hell did get into your windows and windows were down but still well. Probably can't pick blogs look at. On the. Guys we we don't have time to talk to you know are we wanna get bring the conversation down long hours on the phone who wants tell us about our grandmother was killed by grasshopper OK you're making fun but I'm not making fun it was scary say here's an idea popped into her mouth and she choked at dated victorious they jumped out flex is a little but you're not chaotic. Okay you got to me and I and again thank god thank you Jesus and I was passing gas station at the time okay. I was able to pull over into the gas station. I ate then slam and in the park then I'd barrel roll out of the car I got I got down later rate now instead that I handle it. And then and then I take a picture of and our original post on FaceBook right now the I men's program and then I will I found it like paper towel dispenser. And I reached and I might appear wise. You get one shot these down I am yeah. OK so I had a big blob of not paper towel half. If you go in for the grab and you miss it you've pissed off. It's gonna hopper and fly away. And it's still on the car and you don't into Iraq as the nets increasing the police can't let my car on fire all right so unfortunately I am confident legislate from eyebrow all Ricci and glad. Let's don't kill it and just let it go but in an apparent blood. I see a picture and I did stop stop stop again. Hang on OK hang on what time did this happen this morning like 4450 my god this is crazy on the field. Our way grasshoppers and look gonna make another joke about and now holds him in it for real value there's a grasshopper on the phone who wants to tell a harrowing tale. It's survive jumping into the car of a guy act like a bit. And the lot I could because. Grabbed her Abu would never tolerated decision to but he stopped dropping half bond. Now and then not do and that's going to put him on the air but I use that wasn't impressed wow what a rude grounds out.