Great At Relationships

Thursday, January 3rd

The Wake Up Call matches a list of traits to Rayne to see if he would be good in a relationship. 

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Oh boy. Oh in the wake up call top five easily top five traits of people who are grades in relationships. And I have a feeling Gavin. Found this. And decided to do this on his radio show. And pointed directly at me. Because I am not adamantly nothing gonna relationships so I'm actually hear him say that's not true Oca. I mean she adds to helping you to say you did this to help. These there and I think whether or not you do or don't do these things I'm just saying that these are five traits of people who were great relationships can take note. It Japan in the paper and licked the point again I don't know what that does okay in my and other number line and quell. They don't let their pass to death find them. Yes rained. Well ID say net. I'm not because you okay. You can't really get hung up on like things happening on past relationships. And defers some reason I will still go FaceBook stock those people. On. No well yes. Even one year wait to mailed the girl finer email and. Home. But I would just like to being nice no you are and in ninety years later confronted her about like TO next question did that nowadays guys here one. Running your life and yeah. They're authentic. What does that mean. People war in deep soulful relationship aren't afraid to beat themselves they are not afraid of showing their edges and therefore they give their partner permission to do the same and don't think depth you wanna know I don't necessarily think the rain this super authentic person. And I I'm here uptight I can back. You have a sleeve tattoo rank you will Wear flat brim hats okay you will grow up only DC were a little Sam had engaged errors. Right costs too much yeah. Your personality you where it's it's not a costume and it is they're not oh please but they're not like what kind of sunglasses. Anywhere I don't know some dangerous snowboarding you call I don't know they're big they're on zippers look like the kind of thing you give an old person after cataract surgery can't get. Are you you look coach Brad. Assert right of woman I think it's not my family why you put off the right your true sometimes rain dress is. Like he's in a Mountain Dew commercial from 2004. That's not who you all are you're a good person. You're not a Jewish bag. You hate Mountain Dew. Nation and now I'm sorry Arquette. They don't hold grudges. That's accurate. Just. As I tell you early heated. All. Right. Now about lighting G you Wally you words together. Don't. That's not a what do you call allies. A implement. Do you want to say hi I did yeah I love. OK okay number four they allow their partnered to be the expert on something. Do you think you do that's of course imagine your partners. Yeah I did say you Dell dude. You are definitely some I did this thing kind of person so I'm not saying like you're awful I am just saying. You will go out of your way to make sure that there's a topic. You wells. Are Vieira Matt whether your your senator or not. Just to be right did you tell are all these at a time don't feeling like she's she's came a damn you talked her more than I have still. Sure I'll find out they make their partner. Laugh. All your money. That's the last light rain tour policy here funny. That I know you wake up call.