Guy Makes His Own Food

Wednesday, December 6th

A guy went to Waffle House to eat but when he saw the only employee was asleep, he made his own food: 


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In the wake up. 165 the end in South Carolina. A man. Drunk. Walked into all lawful house I know you've heard this story a thousand got. It's been a lot more dialogue should know off blouses drug once included 3 in the morning I mean it's almost redundant to say somebody who was drunken lawful right here's the catch you walked in waiting ten minutes to be seeded Adam do you ER UCD that a while plus you're guys see that he is gonna plopped down no one came to take his or her no lines faster have you audits of the new drink nothing can find out the people that or working at the Waffle House in South Carolina fast asleep. That is awesome and from what I heard it was just one person. Like there's just like one person that works there. In light them graveyard shift at Waffle House and it was like the clock and the server like they make it themselves that's life that's alive Brad. Mean like I sleep like gone boost then Shia. That the calendar yeah so I'm okay there are sleep eat is good every stuff you leave. Not this guy. A why this guy. Decided. You know why a mullet this guy sleep on the Booth bench and I'm gonna go make my food myself. Wet behind the counter at the Waffle House. And made himself say. Texas bacon cheese steak melt. That is amazing yourself. Any doesn't work better and. I mean I would imagine that it's nothing a walled houses probably battle hard to make. But I don't even making like what I'm craving flawed and wrong yeah I'm not go to Waffle House or. Mean like I did I don't work all the staff they all work pretty much the same how bad something is probably still all and oh yeah oh yeah you can. Label and I go yeah OK guy. It's amazing. What good trim for Latin guys sleep it's healed. If you've got a job where you work at a Waffle House in the middle of the night the last thing you want is to be awake thirty's so like. I. Phillipe let them let them dream of better lives okay and then I'll make your food yourself what they did. No 36 year old Alex told the TV station quote. I was going around the corner so all the slipping employee. And they looked tired. They all they were sleeping I was like. I had addressed ma'am how I got this. He's a 36 years old age not like that but he says that ironically right. Cool to make fun. How I got all we did a little sad that he is getting a little while miles by himself. Yeah bird okay yes I mean you're. You can make worst decision that's sure you're right you're right you're right on the and. This is something that I that I read about first thought how I wonder how he got caught security put. You're now now he had made the video himself posted it on FaceBook. And really doing a tour to kick Sheehan like this is where we are similar. Yeah. Just the marinade. Yeah yeah. How he had Diddy print all. That you shouldn't have to pay I agree I haven't safety do all the work. At the very least cost yeah I did read though that the way Waffle House responded to this is kind of awesome day they're not this. But hey I'm they offered him a secret shopper position. Where they can like send him to differ Waffle House this as the secret shopper does feel like other Diller. Great. Call yeah I think they happened to me wants. Where I went to a place every one was asleep like you've got to did it myself. It was the ER YY every woman sleep through blossomed and really you know. So. X rays. I did. Much surgery. Really yeah. It is like me are. Good question that that's what I thought okay. Never got the answer them. And as the slate and I assume that there's some sort of anesthesia accidents okay. The stretcher got a great results last.