Hali Ford Survivor 4-25-17.mp3

Wednesday, April 26th

Gavin and Tall Skinny Matt are HUGE fans of Survivor, so they got to interview the latest person to get kicked off Survivor:

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I I really fat and I think on good morning do you how are you. Our anger. Good crack at it. Seemed like you handle getting kicked on survivor rather well you departure into. Your departure was. Was done. It was like the nicest I've ever seen somebody get broken up where you're just like okay well I hope everybody does well and good luck in the. What you had to see it coming you could have been shocked by that. I didn't hear it coming until now last day on the beach Marriott at the time Metallica plot and socks but. Eyes now look at cant believe that I am I definitely not the state of except that I think that's still my denial happy. Will then you did have a very well. Do you. Do you think that Michaela should've gone home. Or like if you if you go back. And you get to stay but the vote is between Michaela or Zeke who deserves to go home more. I don't think alert to go home that again group break it. It does in the gaming game changers I wanted to speak to go on because he's more of a strategic Pratt. Last minute made a lot more sense to send ten. And Tim and the means by it expired deserting the dish that homeland. Keating called game changer that things that I was thirsty but I look at that that mean that they're Smart not ready or not. Are you saying that because you don't think your game changer. I game changer and I have read it lives. On the track but I'm sure I've heard a lot of Arab players there to better at the gate and I am not let that thing. Why do you think veterans. Think mark cut out killed. Being any social. And those lies hidden tax that people are. And laughing not because this that the game but I ain't. Have a harder time making that switch. Lying backstabbing people is basically what you have to do and survivor. That is began hacking. Finding it hard killed. Get far without doing. Are you religious person. I would really like malware bam I'm a Christian spiritual. That's I always I always thought it was so I'm amusing to me why so many people who are like super. Faith based people. Go on survivor it's like to show. Like. When you consider it too. I mean I am but it shows that rewards. Everything that's rotten about human beings but that rot. Away. You're trying to if you're into Gilligan makes it almost worse apple it's at that rewards and game why is that it. When Hayley this is an about us it's always about us. On the here's the question the jury member now the first member of the jury walk through I've I've always said that if you're gonna leave survivor. Get kicked off. The best. Timed ever do it is to be the first member of the jury and the reason why I believe that it's because you and get to ride out the rest of the show. In paradise. In what I am I and a five star hotel. And all. She imagined it would real you know we're Yugo. Or not and candidates. Kicked off what happened uttered some time. Low water use it don't mean. I'm that was where incomes from Oprah. Flores allies would come on US. CG he would thank you and can play it but now you're not at the Mary. They put you in like a dumb B hotel. They're not had a child. That's why would. You're actually it's survivor allow only get three million Danish keeper by and banks mean we're acted. Salon kid island. And remote little while and EG they can only access by boats. And. Is the same guy that everybody else is still want. You're just like on the other side. Now it's like probably forty minutes or so from that by boat. And yeah that's handling it at a hurricane had come through in its China demolished that make trying to rebuild that afterwards. He while I have no idea attribute it smelled like you described prison. It question. Again Larry remain secret and prayer read turbulence people who. So why can't they hate this destroys everything I've always thought about about being a jury member. I thought you guys are in a gorgeous hotel every single night. All the cash he's like go in a picket at the hotel bar yeah because whenever you walk him for jury you always look so clean fresh she seemed happy. We can't spirit and show Allard but that's not like hot showers and we don't know I get to pick Utley each. So let me guess I. Recap what you said you did you get fed three meals the day but you don't get the quick to eat. You get this hour but it's not always ha water and the only light to use fluorescent. Some. Thought. Holy cow I think I'd rather stay on the beat have been you don't wanna be in. You know air conditioning. What I'll pull more elite man I feel for you while. Our inaudible wash all right well. Will we love the show and and the and you were you are fun to watch. So we're sorry you're gone but we glad we're glad we get to see at every tribal now let's get your pick you the first jury member who do you think's gonna win what she knows who knew the files are. Mr. you don't know. I don't know I want to land. You know. My dream final train wreck no Mikhail in there and leak avalanche is a Vietnam. Michaela. Jerry all right. Okay Lee and I really think you monster Gary adding yeah I had a YouTube but clearly.