Friday, November 3rd

Katie saw a study that showed sleep and sex are the keys to happiness. Gavin disagrees with this and says that happiness comes down to money.


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By the way yeah. 65 the end 766165. Or you can text us at 733898. Study from Oxford found that two things make you to have he has to in my life. Money is not one of them. Actually the study found that making more money has very little effect on your overall happiness the truth things are. Sex and sleep well. Why are you ruling on an and I love both. Who doesn't Gavin eating this is true now I don't because in my life when I got the most of both of those things. I was the most unhappy maroon and you know why. Because I was four I was. Singapore I would. This guy around the time that you had the last college. It was when I was in college it was from like college until like maybe two years after college. And it's like I would I would honestly say that if this says that in baton making money you're having money is not the root of happiness. Did that the highest it's not the thing that makes people that happy what does that it was the actual verbiage that they had a 50% increase in disposable income only led to a miniscule increase in a person's living well score OK so let's just take a pain in the first second. And say okay it's been how. Having more money doesn't mean you're happy fine but not having money definitely makes you unhappy. And sex and sleep or not the antidote because. Easy to do both of those things I. I think you have to take be having no money out of the equation I wasn't part of the study. It was. If you increase. You know this thing this thing this thing and this thing. Which makes you happier and everything sleep an increasing facts. Makes people happier than increasing money we get a tax of 7389. Money's not on the list have you ever seen a sad person on a jet ski I didn't things out. Try Daniel Tosh that's. Plus why that's true I I mean not having to worry about financial. Problems. Little League increases your happiness or at least clears the path for YouTube being happier you know I think this is that they don't sexson sleep thing makes cents. Is because it's two things that like. On the chemical and biological. Lab all. Affect TO. Like they both affect Scherer you're out cortisol levels you're double mean levels so they are going to make you happier then. Then having more money isn't got a text. Disneyland. And sleep question mark yeah did not. And worst sleep. I mean now well I mean I don't know and dissect down stakes at Disneyland and sleet Borough of the key to happiness back back trying to grab a good time to Disneyland it's almost impossible yes. Should the crowds and stop something you can do regularly if you to Disneyland every single day or even once a week. It wouldn't slowly over time start meaning and that's my point is everybody can do with sex and sleep then. Everybody should be happy for the most part because those things don't cost money usually and. And also are are readily available did that not everybody most of Americans wouldn't you say are unhappy Clinton. Now. I would say I would say at least half Americans are run are unhappy but you just saying like. Anybody can have sex you can't have sex if you're white does one have sex appeal. I can have sex if I wanted to I could I could. Probably go have sex with somebody gave but you can't just have sex and every one of you might adopt her yeah when he can just have sex on their own whenever they want to kind of that's illegal I didn't like. It's something that anybody can go and Jill I don't think that's for the most part it is and you know what everybody can do to go back to the person imported dale posh. Right at jet ski days. I think you can do CLE everything you. Pulled the man. War it is a metaphor you can replace that would Disneyland not everybody can do is go to Disneyland theme that cost money none of those things well all. Our light. Those short bursts. Sort Sox. A few on I I people who have. I have more sex then I think your human being you should probably had him I want a mom know you're not. And no people our guard did actually unhappy and you know why but because of the. There's sad but good. The problems that this sex is created for them. Just like so you're sad and popular about it saves and good. He is. Many of those ex addict and having so much sex they're unhappy. They haven't addiction that's a no only ever you could jump dissect. Addict you can do is jump does somebody know how. I want to smack you just said there are all kinds of different issues that are coming there are you gonna be in a relationship with somebody that you love and go through a pregnancy scare and guess what. No happy and that's the junction box or university says I'm right and that's enough for me where the Oxford. In new jitters. And it fixed idea and.