Haven't Done It In A Long Time

Tuesday, November 21st

Oprah revealed in an interview that she went to the bank for the first time since 1988 to deposit millions of dollars. This started the conversation of what things the Wake Up Call haven't done in a long time:


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In a recent interview you'll fall what Winfrey says it's the for the first time since 1988. She went to a bank. You know why she had to go to the bank. She hadn't deposited a check for two million dollars. And all eyes off. Your every legal guy. They're good guys. Hi this is how on this interview. Allen and asks Oprah Winfrey what her ATM code was and she says I don't have a ATM coat and a really need to go to the bag. So she said she went to the danger of the first time since 1988 deposited checks she said I just wouldn't do it. Just like I what are stand in line so I just it. Thank you for coming down to earth would the stock bets so we wanted to ask what something simple. That you haven't done in a really long time one of the things that. I have not done. Since I was probably twelve years old the only because my mom forced me to do it. Was I had to go mode the law and a wonderful friends are my mom's friend her husband passed away at all in the grass and her yard was getting overwhelming and she said you're gonna go over there. And you're gonna mowed that yard front and back in the go ahead terrible allergies to grass like my face swells up. And says she meat anywhere what did that little surge in masks who her name Saddam with icy to wait for hours to do front and back. Pick the rig can this the first time I'd ever Mota yard before mind is. I haven't had you fool or an oatmeal cream pie even. Probably. Probably 20/20 years I. Are those things still famous yeah you can buy both of them and I loved him as a kid and I wasn't allowed to have them and I remember having that thought when I roll a shower and eat oatmeal cream pies. Free up by the wind and now all Arab and I know I have oatmeal cream pie do you think. You if you haven't as an adult. Probably doesn't stand the test of time noses chocolate water. Three ties would O'Grady tonight and stop. You whose only chuckle water basically you can't tell I guess it can't be milk because they need sits on the shelf life. I mean you can't tell that by drinking yes it didn't really investigate this is preparing a good kid from the beginning Ali you. Stressed out by that one guy mowing a lot of facts still recovering Dow assembled they haven't you done a really long time I have. Used port body follow the other leagues and that's for now speaking of bum of Goran you think. I want people assign a port a potty before I won't I impede the site of Porta potty. Public can be year of those fancy ones they have now where it's kind of like company trailer I can and don't get me as much as like your traditional hard Connie and I don't resenting that. Zelda and so gross now I have a fear that someone living in there right yeah not living but do well just sitting down now saying he was sued. Way to dig pink champagne because she saw a picture or she read none I will run until they lands but then when you look at that in half. It did happen. We've putted up 40 wake up call listeners and some of these are great remember the question was what simple thing. Haven't you done it in a really long time and sometimes some of these are kind of depressing Megan said she has not peed on loan. Aaron. My hair is the I am because of our nanny and pat. Michael fed I'll whistle no reason just never does not realize now I have whittled the guerrilla. I should save this fairway to call confession but I Q I got I can't whistle all aware right that I've tried for. It's not I'm attitude somebody out with that actually Jill said she hasn't roller skated in a really long time Sharon. Danielle said she hasn't made rice crispy treats it decade. About that anesthesia since scrap books don't scrapbook. It is so fat and not. Election leashes fed had sex arguably done one neat Jennifer hasn't had as you shaved her legs are really long time who can pool. There instead get a massage too which Katie goes and how do I get one every week I don't let every week. Jennifer another one they Kiki relate to Jennifer said I haven't slept in fifteen years. These leagues in every Saturday and Sunday. Only if we don't have soccer I can't remember what it's like to wake up at noon. They knew yeah. I think in general I can't remember like I remember. A time in my life for I would wake up at like 11 or 12 o'clock in the afternoon. And gulp I'll what'd dude today. Can't even remember what that sensation and like I mean what that's sleeping in till like not. That sounds wonderful do I haven't woken up on my own game. Ten years in a giant gray I'll bet it is yeah I'll bet it's funny mortar redirects from many. How do you. No look at my life infallible. Heat for everything that he uses itself. The wake up call and here's what's next.