Hilarious Returns

Thursday, January 18th

A woman successfully returned a Christmas Tree because it died and we see what other hilarious returns, listeners have seen:


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This by the end what do you want a divorce someone you saw successfully returned to a store. That you've but there was no way be organ accepted 7661065. We can text dusk at 73389. And found a story. What is. A war and successfully. Returned a Christmas tree now. Because the eyes. It died. Really I can't do it as much justice as the actual news were okay. A woman returned her Christmas tree to a cost go in Santa Clara California because it had apparently died. And got her money back Scott Bentley who was waiting in line behind the woman who returned the tree on January 4 said I can't make this stuff up the woman was given all the fund after her purchase of the tree was verified on her account many customers were upset about the return with one person saying people like this are miserable seriously how cheap it got me however Costco is famous for its lenient return policy in a pretty much take anything back at almost any time just imagine this woman. Dragging a dead Christmas tree needles. Following everywhere back and patiently waiting customer service line no doubt you wanna draw too well now or thought like. As they're part of me that. Part of me. Admires her true on any day. Bold mills yes. She'll highlight is still have a friend whose mother bear. Really. Allowed the return policy cast now. And she well and it especially with. Like electronic. Device or like admin household thing there are electronic like a vacuum. She return vacuum she would say the boxes in her garage she return vacuum after. At least ten you really can't harmony and got her money back home. Getting checks in at 73389. Adapting beyond chocolate fountain still fully covered in chocolate I'd. Iowa like somebody blogs then and went solve this is a mess does that person turn and a half eaten cheese cake and received a refund. Returned a Halloween costume after wearing an on Halloween he's sort get a issues store and people would bring back choose from 1998. I know this can't be this. Syntax we just got an eye toward get Eddie Bauer and wholesome and literally take the shirt off his back. And return 'cause he wanted to clean sure and didn't wanna do laundry that can't possibly be RO. Mel what I mean some of the comments that we got based brokered great till daily said that she used to work at Lowe's. And the she said the amount of people return dead plants is insane really she's at the policy states that they give them a new one or refund in the first year with the receipt. Let's start trying to back the kill plants all the top. And that I turned playing somebody said that they were turn Halloween candy that they did in fact open. It. Is taking back into that it's not even a fight. You're my story return this year when I was pregnant with my dream. All of this is kept rates too. I never got all of Ari is a real battle my wife still talks about this because was she with GO women's fashion is Whitney only your shopping for a she got pulled in to this she when he gets there is trying to return I'll say the name of the store because she's banned from an anyways on the matter. Destination. Maternity. At the rose go gallery I know is Katie no loser dom base. And knows that she tried to return address that she wore for a photo shoot. And they banter from the store and. Yeah. Many large the reading all. Not knowing that they knew I won I did constantly try to return address and they did art is not that picture. And. Emily good morning. Amar hey what did you return that you hadn't you'd didn't think there was no way they were gonna accept it. Well I didn't return it is that person in front of me but there was a three year old mattress that appeared to have blood and urine they use. A. Our DN. Mattress. Stool. Yeah Rondo Orrin will only hurt. Okay now. Read that says if I'm working customer service and somebody brings a bloodied he and actress again I think there's pardon me it just goes. I'd give you their refund just because you separate that women today run. I think that they don't go away. Cereal because I don't I don't know what you do when your sleep but apparently it's bad for ya (%expletive) he kicked it in just the fact that someone that the plot of you know they might just take this back. Wake up call.