The Hot Painter

Tuesday, June 20th

Check out the story about Gavin's hot painter


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It's again I'm not a very interesting to run in on Saturday morning that I think you probably should you throughout the course of the day on Saturday rank it changed. No landscape of Sacramento and if you don't know what I'm talking about text Jack. To 73389. Yeah. JEF. Apt to 73389. Text and data rates may apply it among them tell you what it is just go if you wanna get ahead of the story. My wife for nine. Are moving and do we need be we needed the exterior of our house payment cell. I hired a company I will say the name of this company leader because so many people wanted to now. The company's. Sent a painter to the house Saturday morning. Doorbell rings I go down I open the door now I understand that my front door faces east and it was all in the morning. OK. I mean we know that I know. Clients works well when I opened the door and this. God was standing and they thought there was so much light coming at me. That that it seemed like it was all wheel chair seemed like an Angel has has long my door. Idol lit it with the man that is that is true good looking for humankind and ever. I literally stood there and I just don't get him for his second and he goes hey I'm on the Peter. I have to stick my head on in the doorway and look either direction like DB. And that I had the thought of like well I guess my wife. Ordered a stripper. We're happy for me and my thought and I. And beta. I'd it's Saturday morning and I said we watched George stadium rebels and a on the and then after that I have the moment and I finally can understand were women come from when this happens where I was is wearing gym shorts. And Ed tank top and my hair was all bad heady. And I had the bottom like I am not sure I. Still it felt. It was just me having one of those MI game moment ready okay just is now problem on the latter and he's painting part of the house and my son who's five years old. It'll talking to Jeff through the screen. And I thought it was like adorable I thought it was pretty funny Islam shooting a video I upload the video to my hamster Graham which by the way detects Jeff to 73389. Invitation to mainstreaming who watches video I'd post that within seconds of wake up call listeners. And just two win like. Yeah pollen brilliant pole and I was. Man I thought it was just me. The bill for a mind lurid. And then women went crazy Mel I do want to say this Jennifer is not a piece of meat ladies. And so it'll be all. We're talking about Jeff. Billion rude and disrespectful. Way I read some of the worst common that I can minority here. And I had. Do you find that's fine I promise you the period and look like that when he pain and house you just found that there's so many dates Jeff has a girlfriend named willow okay very you know. I would watch him paint my house all day. Well I'm pretty sure that I can find something for him to paint is not appease the me. Okay. Most. All of the comments are. Eighty PG. He kept saying why can't. A woman came in the house and is we're saying this about her on social media totally and guess what guy is. Men's say no way worse I. All yeah. You know they're you know no big deal but I will say do you so these comments it should be if you'd just copied and hastened these comments and put him under. A photo of a woman and men were saying means new. I go. Up yeah I did defend every comment. But the majority I will stay in the Clinton and instead about women historically. I don't think we would be so prickly toward John doesn't mean there was right for them to do it and it's not right now. Michelle's on good morning Michelle my name what are you gonna say I am I agree with me. It quick and Carter and then they're out. Here's saying that because women feel on the objective side because men can't call the best way to fight that is by doing the same thing back to men. How well how about just nobody does it pop might. Tell you Sunday I you know something Gavin. You write text you while Jeff was at your house and said you need to come over here besides Jeff that I I. I ads. Starts I know that and by the way if you wanted Jeff to be your house since Defazio payment. The wake up call and here's what's there.