I Hate My Neighbor

Friday, February 23rd

Guy is selling his house because his neighbor is "an asshole".

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This story is great in Canada a man put his house up for sale with a sign. Saying. Home for sale by owner. Because neighbors they all have been a quote. I aimed I appreciate that. But it seems. Extra glee like a bad idea because who's gonna wanna buy that house and about how terrible back I must beat. For pac ten media and to call you. Yeah really good point like that's probably the worst thing you can be called in key. 766165. You can call us up we can text us at 73389. Why do you currently pay your neighbor so. I have an update remember talking about my neighbors behind me that had a bar are yeah yeah. Latin Ivan update on that story that I haven't told anybody on the air yet. And I'll tell you. After I read some stories from listener hey Gary. Mickey said. The people who lived behind me were a mom a daughter and did the daughters signed grow little baby a patent. All day long they would fight and yell at each other. The moment yelled the daughter for being lazy. The baby would just start crying mom. Daughter would yell back at the mom for being a bitch fest at all that's what happened with the windows open every single day. And that's pressed apple doesn't live in I don't know let alone next. I would imagine it's very similar to living outside of your gonna argue shut the window right not Adrian said that we are downstairs and my baby is just a few months old the neighbors upstairs. Almost every night duke karaoke. Late in. Loud and they would stomp their feet all they do it. Oh my got to wake of the baby could you imagine the huge sort of appreciate how much those people are just living up Ole lie and not having a full life. You know a lot involves karaoke I disagree obelisk is sad that I am. Oh that there at their neighbor comes out flips out. Of the house screaming every single time somebody parks in front of his howls. And has called the police on cars parked in front of it tells saying that they've blocked me in my driveway when they totally have not my. I the last one that was that was good was Casey. Said that her neighbor the whole neighborhood hates the sky but 'cause when he goes jogging he jogs in the middle of the road and refute. So Clark had to drive. I'm tough guy. I get all our gates. What is like. Money I lived in a really not so good part El Paso. And not I had a house where there weren't like little. One story apartments. Behind my house Nancy. So they're where there is a lady that lived in one of the apartment. And she had a husband. And sometimes she would not let her husband be in the I I don't get in fights so let's bring Eric my doorbell ones at 3 am drunk as you got it was her okay. What she let her husband in the house he. Let they and which would you park in front of my house. I would regularly. Have forgotten now UK. XP and yeah on capitol. And you re that bathroom you can just pee in my yard. You should've I had like a spray bottle at what you do how tough tough tough so here's my neighbors of the barking dog behind us. I'm I went to a neighborhood party and I was in one room keeping an aisle on enough on my son Theo. These people came into the room I did not know who they were. And they go. A are you the guy from the radio and I went yeah whenever somebody asked me that it's gonna go one of two way you're totally especially frigid yeah. And then they go. Big go. Well worth the people who live behind GO with a quote unquote barking as dog all the time. And they set it in a way that I guess like they were hoping. Be mean about it but I I think. So what they kind of plotted my reaction would be like against Norah people would be barrister and the like that are legends like. You wake up call.