Intern Dakota's Goat Sounds

Friday, April 1st

All of our interns are talented. However, some more than others… Intern Dakota sets himself apart from the rest by showing off his ability to make goat sounds which he learned how to do at church camp…

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I need not quite sure where we're going here with this segment I know that we have very talented intern doing this is an Italian turned decode. When you're special skills is don't noises. Yeah where did you learn how to make organizes is camp that I went to failure what which camp is why can't turn our church can't stand the church can't find Jesus and sound like god there was there's a counselor who can make it go indoors and also make an L for noise and also sound like you're crying baby. Thanks and place patch your parents know about this. Prohibited that's not horrible C go to church camp this will not good and it's I mean it's it's that she she girl we've and we smoke and the way that would be bad decision hasn't really bad to this isn't necessarily bad but you see you learn how to do that move is it a class they touch your your site really teach me teach me know I was I was super invested learning how to treat this. How. Yeah. Had to have been like eight or nine our parent after all the build out there that does stand gun noise downstairs church camp best gosh darn. Don't noise in November and a guy who are here yes. And and it is really did Katie a couple of cat yeah. And okay. They got on the field. A I can't. I didn't think you meant a great guy. God oh yeah you don't write about are you parlay them bedtime to kind of delve into. Crying baby here Allen and so I use your political and maybe a bad Iron Man and yet that you really have enough. And a good Wednesday news about health and how close did you go on that note that never happened no I imagine a brown have you tried to the dead do your goat but her. Back to it toward the different sizes of goats I sometimes there's the goat that's like. I like that. Just tried doing that. But deepen your voice who OK you're like bingo yeah. I've grown up go get into character you're king of the of the far right move you've got a big warm. And I'm now you're the go to the farmer comes to do we need advice. I don't know what to do go it she will talk to me anymore. Below. You heard people yeah did you. You're I don't know how go deeper. Yeah and I'm. Would love. Not bad how do you do or not he teacher who's your pension knows what else you don't see pitcher goes hunt and you like major Gloria and and it's it's really it's sort of keeping your check. C Disco ball. No dull and I have to deal and yeah. I go to the kind of thing that Jason and I love and try I love the study at the end. Did you get one time to demand I don't. Yeah I did go oh why don't you think there's there's a whole urged cell amazing when I done wrong here is indigenous vigilant so you could make. The nose thing is to make it like hire. A like the all right see you want it's like it's deep in your local million jobs and yeah. And where Eric. I do if you burn and the grind it. I that he did that. It into an elf and know how I feel like this is not the kind of good bet. But I tried and. The kid she's having did you guys see you getting any animal noise I mean everybody can do the elephant in my dad did I don't really god being Leo how we push your lips together. I can do that I don't have that kind of lit section yeah let's elect as your that's your barrel and I can't blow pilots like that. And you're on your mind I was Gavin. You sounded more and see really yeah well yeah and there's going. Do you cat like that I'm doing all can do. I am aren't as good as anybody that I am feeling I do really good monkey OK and give you an idea how can I may. Be okay. OK I am going to marry out. When you do market them to do Latin dance molecule I think it's you I know everything. Jason is better known I mean he's the kind of person tries these thing so are you straight years at how anyway. I can't and saw police academy and that I could be that guy. And Kris Allen know what I imagine. We call her miss Rachel and. Jewish he can you could do on Monday. There are children don't pay you read the Bible and just say.