Intern Kevin and Charity

Friday, September 22nd

While out at Cal Expo for the day of caring, Intern Kevin talk about the "charity" work that he does...


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We're broadcasting live from cal expo for the united way is day of caring and it's also based so far the biggest of the bus getting here I'm to get some school supplies. For the robe law school districts. I'm here in Sacramento and ask you can't come down here and make a donation while they're doing their day of carrying out what's actually today and tomorrow. Get your cal expo you can donate a line you conducted their Amazon wishlists. Can give more details at your local united way dot org in certain Kevin we can make it a lot of ranting sensible subs by makes it a nascent. We send him running over to put the donation in the school bus. In June Kevin if you had to guess how many steps she put in city so far would you guess let me check my apple lots of our 2000 over well. So far I have 10 AM I right now acts or size sheets of fitness that's great. There's never would tell everybody yet you know what the fact you've been the lack of today is probably why your body's craving so many calories right because. If you're wondering did Kevin already have breakfast yes of course he did several times he had he had them delicious breakfast from McDonald's Ankiel. Now he is upset because I I am not feeling well. So Kevin had the idea well let's get Gavin chicken noodle soup that's a great idea. So Kevin. Step one of our tax to to another restaurant to get some chicken noodle soup. When that person called us back our technical us back instead. They'll serve chicken noodle soup until later. Kevin. Angrily. Did not believe that person. Called that restaurant. And actually asked questions. About what time the chicken noodle soup would be available. Hard to make which it already made it with it was. Remarkable to watch you do that it was also one of the best things that members. You do this let's because I want you to believe knots and wasn't. It wasn't all of 0% well I don't even lied chicken noodles through. It again Orix. No doubt you go I don't. Think he's he should have chicken noodle soup. All by the way can you also get me once you know why you see it by yourself. I always think about you know fresh sheet thing I've just outfits I play that would have been injured tenant's second breakfast this morning prize he had a bite of one of our text quest bars so kind of like. Two and a half Brett awful about it chips at a bella that's ready stole nuggets ships from over there and I have candy bars and car. I really yeah I need my savior and that is. Literally because we've been making you run urge you to eat this much every day. I didn't have dinner last night because I was volunteering at my OK okay go everywhere about the thing is not true today. Oh no it's now. I forgot British where yes we're evolved here I was volunteering my rash riots all I don't know okay well let me that night they don't pay. I mean they still navy. I'm a volunteer I'd add that after I've volunteered to stay out in the parking lot. Do you watch it. To watch over where. My coworkers you're like what like. Like I like to add. And you being a dad you hackers yes yes what will YE a lighted on a trip I'll give me as a true all it's about time I went to the local animal shelter and sent all the okay I'll have to Judy I would. 11 o'clock I got the title what I. Pizzas that you know I don't why eating animals that it is because I've just got off work I didn't have time for anything else an idea how dogs with I gave them my snooze well. And I don't think you Iraq Kevin for that. Definitely not the truth sport. Yeah I got. Oddly enough okay I'd still rabbinate appear at and they tell us a hoax and for their idea of carrying give more information on the daycare for cal expo your local united way dot org for their stuff about self Thompson's anytime today or tomorrow if you wanna sell find out make a donation of school supplies. I dreadful of this school bus they have. That would be awesome.